Hack Day 2

2015 has started.

Work clothes are little tighter.

What are your resolutions? I have stopped making these as it just makes me feel like a failure when I don’t achieve them. Maybe I am not focused enough or maybe my resolutions are too focused?

So instead of small I am going big.

My plan is to get people sharing the workload.

Small statement with lots in it.

In schools people are busy creating amazing stuff that they think;

– only for my classes in my way;
– is not good enough to share;
– not sure what the copyright rules are

So they don’t share.

What if we built stuff together? What if we co-created materials?

What would be the disadvantages to this? The only one I can think of is, “It’s not exactly how I would want it.”

The list of advantages are huge. So I won’t start them here but I am sure you can think of several advantages.

As you may be aware I have a plan. This plan seems to have captured a few people’s imaginations.

So a bit more information about the plan.

As per the previous post I am looking for teachers to come together and start developing multimedia textbooks based on OneNote.

I am aiming at these at the National Courses as this is an immediate pressure point for lots of teachers. Several primary colleagues have said they would be interested but it’s not aimed at them.

They are right, what I have in mind is not aimed at them but if there is something they would like to develop one on (A particular topic, for example Vikings). Why not join us and learn how to develop a notebook for this purpose, or as my wife says, keep us right.

This is a start, not a one off. This start will be in Microsoft Scotland’s Office in Edinburgh. On Saturday 31st January, we are looking to welcome people from 9 am with a kick off time at 9.30 with the space available till 4.30.
Ideally we want people to work together to form groups and set targets for themselves. I would hope these groups will continue to develop the Notebooks.

Also arrange more of these hackdays in different parts of the country.
Are you interested? Sign up on the Office 365 Spreadsheet (Glow login required). Speak to your colleagues and friends.

If you can’t make it on the day, that’s ok. You can join in online as the work continues.
The start of an exciting year

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