OneNote as a Multimedia Textbook

I am looking to develop ‘textbooks’ for all Scottish National Exams. These ‘textbooks’ will be multimedia textbooks. Not only available only on the web but available to use on any device be it Apple, Microsoft or Google Android.

The tool I have chosen to do this in the OneNote Programme. Access to this his is now widely available via a glow login or as stand alone application at 

Have a look at this short video to get an understanding of the process of creating the multimedia textbooks.

The bit that’s needed is the Curriculum Knowledge and some resources. That’s where I am looking for volunteers. I am going to set up a series of ‘Hack Days’ early in the new year. These hack days have been inspired by Wikimedia Hackathons and will give you (if you volunteer) space, time and support to create content. These days will be on Saturdays and Iam looking for spaces that can be used, other days could be used too if required and I hope a large number of people will take on the Hack days. Small groups of subject specialists will take small parts of the curriculum for their subject area and work together on that. Therefore by the end of the day a large amount of the content will have been built.

Why should you do this? Well I hope you realise that you are probably going to have to find or make a large amount of this type of resource for yourself anyway. If we build and share together then we can share the workload together too.

My background is in the Technologies. I am proud to say that I have had 15 people indicate that they would be willing to give up a Saturday in January  to help build a OneNote textbook for Higher Engineering Science. So who else would be interested?

Add you details to this Spreadsheet (Glow Login required) or add a comment below

12 thoughts on “OneNote as a Multimedia Textbook”

  1. dear Ian,
    I think I replied on the FB page, but I am interested in helping with the Engineering Science book if you need any more helpers. With OneNote,is it possible to make it read only once published? Also, one more question – had you thought about using Creative Book Builder? I know at is good for iOS and Android but I am not sure if it works on a PC yet.

  2. Great idea, Ian. I’ve notified the Physics community via our Sputnik email forum. Hopefully this’ll take off! Glad to be a part of it!

  3. I am interested in getting involved. I would be able to help mostly with physics but we are thinking of introducing engineering science here at Tain so myself and one of our technologies teachers would find that interesting as well.

  4. Hi Eileen
    Let’s dispose of subject lines. My background is Electronic Engineering. Therefore I couls have an imput in Physics.
    Please add your name to the SpreadSheet

  5. Thanks Kirsty
    Add your name to the Spreadsheet. Already a couple of other Business Studies people signed up

  6. Always need more helpers
    Just add your details to the Spreadsheet.
    I have looked extensively and used Creative Book Creator. Its available in the Windows 8.1 as well. OneNote is better for co-creating. It can be made read only but the idea is that a school takes it and adds more. Pupils can then download it to a device of their choice and add their own notes and tags to it. Video and audio also download to the device therefore no need for connectivity to access.
    Hope that helps
    Looking forward to having you input

  7. Sound like a good idea. I am involved Physics / Electronics at GCSE / A Level but the content is essentially the same and so it would be a good learning curve for me (I think).

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