Tormisdale Croft Crafts.

P1010022P1010001I went to Tormisdale with Mrs young, Mrs MacFarlane, Emily and Sophie.  It took a really long time to

get there in the car.  When we got there we saw a dog and a sheep with her baby lamb.  In the shop there

were lots of things to look at and to buy.  Anne taught us how to card the rough fleece to get all the rough

tugs out of it and how to wind this into yarn on the spinning wheel. We bought a book all about

knitting Christmas crafts, a ball of fluffy white wool and some eggs.

Islay Quilters

IMG_0543On Wednesday 6th May I went to visit the the Islay Quilters at Bridgend Square. Mrs Onions. Mrs Young and Anwen came with me. We saw lots  of lovely quilts, kits for making dolls and lots of other pretty things. We bought some lovely glittery material and bright threads to make our own quilt. I really liked the green clown pyjama case that was hanging up.

R.S.P.B Gruinart

P1000961P1000973On Tuesday the 28th April I went to the R.S.P.B. Gruinart with Mrs Young, Mrs MacFarlane and Beth.

We went to the visitors center where they had a toy tractor to play with and lots of things to look at.


Then we went a walk down to the hide where we saw swans and ducks. I sang five little ducks went swimming one day for the ducks.  I really liked jumping in the puddles and making muddy footprints with my wellies, it was fun.

Gaelic College

IMG_1413On Tuesday the 21st of April all the P7 children went to the Gaelic college to visit the cafe and practice our Gaelic.

With some help from my friends I ordered chocolate cake in Gaelic, it was really good.

I had to go to the till and pay for my cake as well.  I really liked the twisty staircase.