Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Meraki

Meraki is a free Mobile Device Management Software created by Cisco which allows you to track and monitor an iPad remotely an online interfacemeraki.

Meraki has many different security features to help us keep the iPad safe and secure, these are as follows:

  • Clear Pass code (Clear a pass code which has been mistakenly made or if you have forgotten your pass code).
  • Lock Device (Lock the Device means that you can lock the device if it has been stolen or misplaced).
  • Selective Wipe (Selective Wipe means that you can choose what files you want to wipe).
  • Erase Device (Erase the Device means that you can wipe the device which will erase everything off of the iPad).

Meraki also has the feature of getting free apps for the iPads and then pushing them out to the iPads, when you do this it will push the apps to all of the iPads enrolled in that Meraki network, any that aren’t enrolled won’t receive the apps which you have requested, but once you have enrolled those iPads in Merkai it will then automatically pull down the apps which are associated with that account.

When on the Meraki dashboard you will see all of the clients these are iPads, here you can find what iPads you have. You can see their name and serial numbers also you can see what version of IOS there are running e.g. 7.4, 9.2.

When you click on the iPad you are wanting to look at you can see all of the iPads details such as what encryption it has, if there is a pass code present and also if it’s jail broken. You can see if it has any apps missing and also the ones that are on the device. You can see if all of the settings are up-to date. Meraki gives you an activity log so that you can keep an eye on what the iPad has been doing.

You can command the iPads to do something so you could make the iPad reboot, shutdown, send a notification to the iPad, Request Check In, Refresh Device Details Sync Apps and Sync Profiles.

You can move the iPad to another network which means you can create a new network and move it to there if you wanted to. You could also delete the iPad from the network which will just remove it from Meraki and it will be unenrolled.