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Kodu 6 Week Teaching Pack

koduwk2Kodu is a game application developed by Microsoft to introduce young people to computer games design. The visual programming language allows students to design and build 3 dimensional games. Kodu helps young people to learn the core concepts of computer science through a project approach which includes narrative writing, design and maths and programming skills.
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Helensburgh and Lomond Technology Event

Technology DSC00052Showcase – On Saturday 7 May 2016 around 300 primary pupils from across Helensburgh and Lomond attended a technology showcase event with parents.
The aim of the event was to help equip young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to turn computing ideas into concepts, showcase what can be created through technology and provide additional exciting computer science related learning opportunities.

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Learning Technologies

Argyll and Bute Councils Learning Technologies Team have created this website to make resources available to all staff in Argyll and Bute Council. In this page you will find some useful resources and information that will help you with iPads or even show you some of the technology we have that we can supply to the school.

If you need any additional information regarding this website then please contact the learning technologies team by contacting the education team in Argyll and Bute Council.