Animation Endeavour Project

I am doing animation for my Endeavour. I have made some animations.  I am making a storyboard for my last animation and I have done some research on the different types of animation and famous animators like Walt Disney, Dr Suess and Nick Park. Nick Park is the animator of the popular kids show Wallace and Gromit. Walt Disney is then founder of the amazing company which made amazing animations like The Lion King and Bambi. Dr Suess wrote the books for animations like the Lorax and How the Grinch Stole Chirstmas.   Some of the most famous animations are Zootopia by Disney and Wreck it Wralph also by Disney.

Electricity and Engineering

Endeavour is a long term project which you can pick your endeavour topic. At the end you must present your endeavour to other people. My endeavour is electricity and I have learnt new skills and have achieved lots.

I feel like I didn’t work hard enough because I was off track when I was doing endeavour and I usually chatted with other people and checked out their endeavours. I learnt the speed of electricity. I learnt what makes electricity and I learnt other ways of making an electrical circuit than the basic circuit building The problems I had where that I constantly needed help from teachers and also had to be watched when I soldered. The skills I learnt were better time management and better presentation skills. The people who helped me were Mrs Clark, Mrs Macmillan and Mr Kitching. I am most proud of my soldered kit as it took about an hour or two to complete. The hardest part of my endeavour was when I had to use the soldering kit and to actually not struggle you had to have a very still hand.