Mara’s Endeavour Blog-Writing a Book

My Endeavour is about Writing a story, for people to read. I have created this story mainly for little kids, but anyone can read it if they want. So far I am close to completing my story, I have an art book for my story; I have 1 drawing of a Hermit Crab, I am planning top add more. However I also have a writing jotter for my Endeavour so I can write at home, and when I’m in school I can add it in; I have done this a few times. Currently I am planning on having a feed back sheet, after somebody has read my book. The feed back sheet is for me to know what I could change, and what I did well. Letter; I also wrote a letter to David Walliams agent, for David Walliam to see, I thought that I wouldn’t get a reply but I did, I had a letter sent to me From David Walliams!

Bullying Movie

My endeavour is making an I-movie about bullying. I wrote a letter to Chris Columbus the director of Harry Potter, he didn’t reply I think he is too busy. I wrote to Chris Columbus because I am inspired by the way he edits movies and how he creates them. I am also currently making a G-suite, it is going very well. I have also finished recording my I-movie, I am now in the middle of editing the I-Movie. I have also finished my planner.