My HTML Endeavour

For my Endeavour I am doing HTML/JAVA coding. I am making a webpage and I am going to use the website CodeCademy to help me. I have completed a planner covering what I will achieve in a certain space of time and answered questions like: how is this project ambitious and how this Endeavour will help me with my world of work. I have written a letter to a creator of a coding boot camp however I don’t know what I am going to do on my webpage. I am hoping that I get a reply for my letter and that it can help me with my Endeavour.


Games Design Endeavour 2017

Endeavour review

For endeavour I am doing Kodu lab game. Endeavour is an ambitious project which you have to complete in a few months and then you demonstrate it at the endeavour fair.

Kodu is a game which gives you tools which allow you to make your own game. I made 11 levels and 8 children came and 3 adults came too.

I think I did well because I managed to the time and all my levels were completed.  What I need to do next time is to be more specific on what to do in the levels and I need to make the levels easier.

In endeavour here are the skills I learnt: How to work independently, How to code a successful Kodu game, How to show what I have accomplished/achieved and how to effectively gather facts.

I hope to be able to use the information I learnt to code in a computer programming/coding company when I grow up.

A problem I had to overcome is when I didn’t know what to do for the levels but I overcame it by asking other people on what I should do.

My project was ambitious because I wanted to be able to create better Kodu games and to have knowledge of coding.

I shared my learning by writing down facts which people could read and by creating a playable game.

Mrs. Clark helped me by showing how do code and my friends helped me by giving me level ideas.