Bread around the World

My Endeavour is bread around the world and I have achieved one of my posters which has the history of bread on it and my other poster about facts about bread. I have also done a book creator about all the bread that I have done and made. I was inspired by my dad and my Uncle Chris because my dad is always making sourdough for the house and my Uncle Chris is a chef and really good at bread. I wrote a letter to Paul Hollywood to get information on the best bread to make and top tips on kneading but sadly he never replied.I have made all sorts of bread such as Foccacia which is Mediterranean and Islay garlic butter baguettes which is from Islay.


My Endeavour is my family tree. Altogether I have done Ancestry,G suite site,brought in photos and wrote a letter but did not get a reply but I still have to do my sway. I think I haveĀ  not done enough because I haven’t done enough because I haven’t started my sway.I have completed my planner And also have found out the definition of genealogy it means a study of someones ancestries or histories. I have completed my tree on two bits of A3 paper one is my nans side and one is my grandads side.

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