Kitchen Skills Endeavour

This year for my endeavour I am doing kitchen skills. I chose to do this because I am really interested in it and I really like helping out at home and the skills that I have learnt will help me when I am looking for a job. Through the weeks of endeavour I have learned a lot of new skills. I have learned how to chop, peel, core and I have learnt about hygiene. At the end of my endeavour I am hoping to make an i-movie to be able to show and teach other people about hygiene in the kitchen and different skills. I am really enjoying endeavour this year and I hope that I can learn more skills even though I am wont be doing endeavour anymore after this.

By Rebecca Morris

Fashion In The Past Century Endeavour

IMG_0422For my Endeavour this year I am studying clothes in the past 100 years because I am really interested in what people wore in the past compared to what people wear now. I got my idea from sewing and clothes designing because it includes sewing and different clothes designs. I planed my Endeavour with a long term planner which helps me with what I am doing for as long as I do Endeavour this year and I also use a short term planner which I use to help me plan what I am going to do for our Endeavour afternoon on Thursdays. I have achieved sewing my drindle skirt from the 1950s but I still need to finish another dress. For my Endeavour Mrs MacFarlane has helped me and so has my Mum. At the end of my Endeavour I will have two dresses to show.