Horse Care And Instructing

My Endeavour was Horse Care and Instructing, through my Endeavour  I achieved how to teach someone to ride, a leaflet on diseases, a model horse that is labelled and a poster about safety and care about horses. I chose this Endeavour because it was challenging on what horse care actually is and what it takes t own a horse and how much it costs.

Endeavour is an independant project we chose to work on from October to June then  we share it with family and friends who want to come to the school and see what we ahve learnd. The P7s also go to the High School to share it there aswell to get to know more people and what they have learned.

The skills I learned through out my Endeavour is to be organised all the time and also to watch my time on stuff. In the video I made I thought about editing and that was a struggle. I lost my video half way through my Endeavour so i had to try find all the videos and edit again so that was a struggle so i learned to keep work on a school computer.

In my Endeavour I learned a lot new things, I learned how important safety actually is and how much is costs to buy a horse. Also how to draw horses much better that I did.

Problems I over came in endeavour are my video where it is and what I made my model horse with but I slowly over came these problems.

I shared my learning in a video and on the endeavour day and also on a poster.

I am thankful for the people who helped me through out my Endeavour. The people who helped me are Mrs Clark with my model horse, Harriet at Ballavicar for letting me use her horses and my sister for helping me edit my video.


A Visit For Endeavour!

On Tuesday  21st February P5/6/7 of Port Ellen went to Bowmore Primary School to talk about Endeavour. We were all partnered with someone from Bowmore And they had to take us around their school and to talk to us about Endeavour. We had to fill in a sheet about what we had achieved and get our partener to fill the other side in. Most people found it better when we were working with Bowmore Primary but some of us didn’t.

This is what  people are doing for Endeavour –

Charlie- Cal Mac Boats Around Islay

Darren- Golf

Taylor- Sports On Islay

Jack- Golf Design

Kaitlyn- Cake Decorating

Sarah- Giant Pandas

Ciaran- Electricity and Engineering

Natalie- Horse Riding

Sophie- Animation

Aaron- Art

Rowan- Magic

Abi- Photography

Aidan- Deforestation

Lauren- Bath and Beauty

Matthew- Comic And Animation

Eva- Skin Care And Beauty Industry

Holly- Birds

Ellie- Toys In The Past

Rhys- Kodu Game Lab

Struan- Fitness And Bones In The Body

Kaya- Famous Poetry

Rebecca- Islay Heritage

Ruaraidh- Writing A Book

Andre- Graphic Novels

And we fell that everyone is getting on very well with there Endeavour. Good luck to everyone with there Endeavour prodject!!

by Natalie and Sophie.