Olympic Village Development

Stratford in East London is not the only place which is attracting Olympic attention. The Big Room has experienced  it’s own development site as Scott’s Hut has been dismantled to be replaced by an Olympic Village and Keep Fit Centre. The Village is somewhere where the children can meet fellow athletes; find out about Olympic athletes from around  the world, (developing a deeper understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it); work out in the keep fit centre, (timing each other with alarm clocks and timers); learn about food health by preparing healthy snacks in the Olympic cafe; practise number and money skills by selling and buying those snacks and explore the food journeys that snack ingredients have taken to reach Keills. And these are just SOME of the learning opportunities which children can experience. The children have planned their Olympic Village and keep coming up with new ideas. Just like all big construction developments I have a feeling that the Big Room Olympic Village and Keep Fit Centre is going to keep evolving right up to the last minute!

3 thoughts on “Olympic Village Development”

  1. It is! But be warned, the children have a bank of exercises, stop watches and a very loud alarm clock at the ready to put visitors through their paces in the keep fit section of the village! They are learning about all sorts of keep fit exercises in PE and can choose to use some of their independent learning time to practise these new skills and then record them in their Keep Fit diaries. Mind you, the Olympic Village cafe does serve restorative and healthy drinks and snacks!

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