More Gobblers!

I knew our Primary 2’s would have something more to say about right angle eating gobblers…

Eilidh decided to make more gobblers in her independent learning time. First she made a gobbler that eats right angles … BUT … then she made a gobbler that did not have such a big appetite and ate only angles which were smaller than a right angle. After a wee chat about these two gobblers Eilidh went off and made a really greedy gobbler that likes to eat angles which are bigger than a right angle. When Eilidh brought them to show me she also explained to me that she could put them in order – and so she did! We all looked at the gobblers and learned that the one that eats less than a right angle is called an acute angle gobbler, (Eilidh is good at remembering this one because it is a cute gobbler!!). The big greedy gobbler is an obtuse angle gobbler. Thanks Eildh for helping us all find our next steps in learning about angles.

2 thoughts on “More Gobblers!”

  1. The gobblers are a great idea, I can see the children had great fun finding right angled corners, playing outside. I am going to introduce the gobblers to the children I care for, I’m sure they will have a lot of fun.

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