Gobblers seen at Keills Primary School!

This picture could be a contender for a caption competition BUT in fact this is a primary 1 pupil joining in with the rest of his class to hunt for right angled corners in the playground. First the children had to make ‘right angle gobblers’ by cutting out a circle of card, folding it in half, then folding it ¬†into quarters and then cutting out one quarter to be a ‘mouth’. The addition of an eye and some teeth, and the boring old circle becomes a ‘gobbler’ and is ready to head off into the great outdoors to ‘eat’ some corners! The children had great fun and were quite at home chatting about halves, quarters, right angles etc. Next steps for the older children, (but knowing P1/2 they’ll want in on the action too), is to learn about degrees of a circle and that right angles are ninety degrees of a circle. One of the great things about Curriculum for Excellence, The Big Room and the children being so much more active in their learning, is that many of the traditional learning ceilings are removed. Children see what’s going on around them and are keen to have a go – just because you are only 5 shouldn’t mean that you can’t join in and learn about right angles. And just to show that our P1 was having a bit of fun when the gobbler tried to eat him, (he knows he is not a corner!), but does know how to correctly ¬†identify right angled corners in the real world, here are a few more pictures.

Right angled corner on the raised beds.
The bench.
This gobbler loves eating corners!

Well done to all the gobblers and their P1-4 friends. You found lots and lots of right angled corners and interestingly we noticed that all the corners were man made – we couldn’t find any right angled corners in the natural world. Mmmmm.

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