Big White Snow and Ice Attack!

When Eilidh was setting her learning targets way back at the beginning of the Spring term, she decided that she would like to make a snow and ice picture in the creative area. ‘That sounds like a good idea Eilidh,’ said Mrs Harper, (thinking how well that would ‘fit’ into our Polar Lands topic!!). ‘How do you plan to make this picture?’ Eilidh thought that she should only use white things to make the picture, and that she could use paint and collage things …. BUT… she also wanted the picture to be very big and for everyone in the whole class to join in and make it together! WOW – what an exciting bit of independent planning. SO  …   we collected lots of white things, we used up all the rest of our PVA glue supplies and worked together to make a white snow and ice picture map of the Antarctic. We used different textured materials to represent different features in our white collage. We marked on Scott’s hut at Hut Point, and we showed the frozen sea ice, glaciers and the Transantarctic mountains and the ice plateau that Scott had to cross to reach the South Pole.

Thanks for your great idea Eilidh. We all enjoyed joining in with this project. What next??!!!

William, Kyle, Sophie and Allana make a start on the glaciers.

Eilidh and Connor making mountains.

And when we put it all together this is what it looked like.

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