Sing, Dance and Play with Feis Oigridh.

As part of our Crofting Connections and Gaelic projects we have been singing, dancing and playing musical instruments with Clare, Paula, Ciara and Miss McKellar. They came to visit the Wee Class and the Big P5-7’s to show us some of the things that children can join in with at Feis Oigridh on Islay this month. We made up a new dance which we called the Keills Wedding Reel. It looks quite tricky but the children worked hard to keep counting and clapping 8 beats at a time, and Clare’s singing helped us to keep in time too.

The dancing was too fast for the camera!

On their second visit, Clare brought her accordion and also taught some children to play percussion instruments. Ciara taught the rest of the Wee Class to play a simple tune on the penny whistle. It was amazing when we put the whole thing together and the Wee Class, Clare and Ciara, played while the Big P5-7’s danced – WOW!

Clare and Ciara, accordion, percussion and penny whistles!

Feis Oigridh is on at the Gaelic College from 15th to 17th February and is a great opportunity for children to try out different instruments, learn new songs and have a dance! Go and join in!

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