Find out about our spelling area.

‘The spelling area’ by Innes and Nave.

We are going to tell you about the spelling area. You can learn tricky words and spelling patterns. You can try spelling challenge cards and work to get spelling tickets, like bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and ruby. There are spelling words, pencils, pens, names and targets. You can practice words and make spelling games. I like being a spelling tester which means I help other people to learn their words.

What do we think about our new class?

“I like the new class room because it is bigger and it is better to learn because you can see things. It is good for learning my targets.” Sophie.

“I like the new classroom because there are more activities and more stuff to learn. It is good we have planning. It’s good for our learning as well. There’s more space to put stuff and we have our own trays and when we line up for teeth brushing we don’t squash people.” Allana

“I like the new classroom. It feels good and large. What I do not like is because it can get noisy but i like doing my planning. I like the new areas now and they are fun and cool.” Isla M

I like the new potions area because you can make Halloween potions.  By Charlie.

This is a great room,there is lots of areas. There are the reading,construction,computer,smallworld, maths, graphics, creative/making,spelling,toy shop,music and potions areas. Andrew

I  like the  new  classroom  a lot  because  we
learn  lots.  Nave

The areas are tidy and they are more fun to play and learn in.  The room seems bigger.  Eilidh.