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Viking Invasion Thwarted on Bute!

Children from all 3 Bute Primary schools defended Rothesay Castle from an invasion by Vikings on 28th September.
Primary 7 pupils had prepared costumes, and weapons to use on the day.
The Vikings arrived by Longboat and quickly stormed the Castle. A fierce battle followed but Bute emerged victorious and celebrated with a torchlit procession and fabulous firework display. Continue reading Viking Invasion Thwarted on Bute!

Rothesay Postcard Event

Pupils at St Andrews Primary, Rothesay are pictured holding just a few of the postcards received over a weekend in May from all over the world.
Well done to everyone who took part in the Postcard to Rothesay World Record Event. Over 400 postcards have been received from as far a field as Japan, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy! More info about the record to follow.
The plan is to have all the postcards on display in the Cabbie’s Rest at Rothesay Pier in late July, actual date to be finalised.
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Victoria Postcard Project

This project is part of the Rothesay Town Heritage Initiative, celebrating Rothesay’s Victorian past. Argyll and Bute Primary children from Kilmodan, St Mun’s, Toward, North Bute and St Andrew’s have already been participating during May. This has involved interdisciplinary activities such as using traditional, Victorian style dip pens and ink, drawing and writing postcards, and, some ‘pop up history’ from a Victorian visitor from Rothesay in the year 1887.

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Primary 5 pupils at St. Andrew’s Primary school have been discovering the art of Samba drumming and learning about the music and culture of Brazil. Led by their enthusiastic instructor, Stephen McNally, they showed off their new found musical skills to family and friends in an open-air concert, on Thursday 9th May.

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St. Andrew’s Primary School had some very unusual visitors on Friday 10th May.

As part of our Eco School programme, we invited the Zoolab team to our school. Alannah from Zoolab introduced us to Justin the snake, Mercedes and Nibbler the rats, Fluffy the tarantula and many more interesting creatures. We enjoyed getting to know the animals and found out lots about mini-beasts, classifying animals, life-cycles and food webs.

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St. Andrew’s Primary – Ancient Egypt Presentation

Pupils from Primary 3/4 and Primary 4/5 at St. Andrew’s Primary School invited family and friends along to a presentation of their learning on Ancient Egypt.
Primary 3/4 talked about life in Ancient Egypt. They explained the importance of the River Nile and the differences in the lifestyles of the rich and the poor.
Primary 4/5 then demonstrated the mummification process, step-by-step.
The audience then enjoyed a slide-show of photographs showing the pupils working throughout the topic. Continue reading St. Andrew’s Primary – Ancient Egypt Presentation

World Book Day at St. Andrew’s Primary school

Pupils of St. Andrew’s Primary school celebrated World Book Day 2013 by dressing up as characters from their favourite books. They also brought in books they have read to swap with their classmates. This week’s homework task was to draw a picture of their favourite characters from a story, which were displayed on the whole-school World Book Day wall. A fun day was had by all!