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“Mapping” at Minard

As part of their mapping topic this term the children of Minard Primary School had a very enjoyable and informative morning with Mr Andy Craven learning all about compass points and mapping. The weather was kind to them and they had super fun recognising and matching map symbols, locating compass directions and reading orienteering maps. A huge thank you goes to Andy and the children look forward to working with him again soon.

Minard Primary School

The children of Minard Primary School conducted surveys last term to discover how much litter there was in school and around the village. They realised that there was quite a bit of dog mess in the village but nowhere to dispose of it. After writing letters to The Environment Officer in Lochgilphead they were very pleased when David came to meet them and to discuss what they wanted. They decided to install a special bin and display notices round the village to encourage people to pick up after their pets. The bin was installed during the summer break much to the delight of the children.mi

News from Furnace and Minard

Joint sports day at Minard
The children at Minard and Furnace Primaries enjoyed a lovely afternoon of sporting activities at Minard Primary school on Wednesday the 18th. Organised by our PE teacher, Mrs Floyd, the children were split into four teams and took part in a variety of events including ‘Jimmygymnastics’ ‘water archery’ and the space hopper relay!

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Art Exhibition by Furnace and Minard Primaries

The children in Furnace and Minard primaries held an Art Exhibition in Furnace Primary on Wednesday night to raise money to help pay the education fees of children in Pelandaba orphanage in Zimbabwe. Ex Head Teacher, Mrs Cindy MacDonald, had visited the schools to talk to the children about the work she does for the charity and everyone agreed they wanted to help. The idea of holding an art exhibition was made and everyone has been very busy preparing for it. The exhibition will remain open to visitors on Thursday and Friday. The money raised so far is close to £300.

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Minard’s Mystery Balloons

The pupils of Minard Primary have a mystery to solve. As they arrived at school on Wednesday morning they discovered a host of red balloons attached to their willow den! This resulted in much excitement and laughter but also a need to know their origin. Each balloon is emblazoned with the message ‘new menu now available’. Can anyone assist us in discovering their true owner?

: Food Revolution Day at Minard Primary

On Friday 16th May the children of Minard Primary helped Jamie Oliver in his quest to break a record by taking part in the world’s biggest cooking lesson! We watched Jamie via a live stream from TES and made delicious Rainbow Salad Pitta Pockets. A lovely way to end the week and all the children (and staff) enjoyed sampling the end results.

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Burns celebrations at Minard Primary

Minard Primary School celebrated Burns Day in style by inviting guests to their Burns Supper(Lunch!) on Friday 24th of January.
After much peeling, boiling and mashing they served up a delicious feast of haggis, neeps and tatties followed by scotch trifle and clootie dumpling.

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Roald Dahl Day

Minard Primary Mischief and Mayhem

Pupils from Minard Primary School enjoyed a day of fun celebrating Roald Dahl day and the BFG’s 30th birthday. They made (and ate) Swizzlechew, practised usng imaginative adjectives like Violet Beauregarde as she chewed her gum,enjoyed the magical story of the BFG especially whizzpopping and viewed the live broadcast with Michael Rosen chatting with Lucy Dahl. A great way to end the week.

Minard’s Duck Derby

The children at Minard Primary organised and ran a Duck Derby on the last day of term. They sold ‘ducks’ at a £1 each and raised £295 for school funds!
They had written to local businesses around Inveraray asking for donations for the prizes and received some wonderful ones for which we are very grateful.
The children at Furnace Primary joined in the fun. This was after we had celebrated a joint Easter service at Minard church and a buffet lunch at the school.
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1st Green Flag raised at Minard

On Sunday the 3rd of March, Minard Primary organised a Soup and Sandwich lunch fundraiser. This was a community event prior to the raising of the schools first Green Flag. The flag was awarded before Christmas but we waited for a day when all could join in the celebration. The children thanked Mrs Beattie our SEN assistant and volunteer helper Sheila Campbell for all the hard work they had put in to helping them achieve the flag.
Unfortunately some of the children could not be there on the day and so are not included in the photograph.

‘Clyde’ the official Glasgow Commonwealth Games Mascot visits Furnace and Minard Primaries

On Friday the 1st of March we had a visit from Clyde to Furnace Primary. The children from Minard joined in the fun. We learned about how the mascot was ‘created’ and about the different sports which will be part of the Commonwealth games. Clyde then played a game of rounders with the children and there were lots of ‘high fives’ with him! He even raced the teachers, which was fun for all those watching!

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Free fruit trees for Minard Primary

The children from Minard Primary School were delighted to receive an email this morning announcing their successful application for free orchard trees for their Garden of Tranquility. Stephen Mozier, Development Officer for ‘Grounds for Learning’ said they had had a huge response to their offer and only 100 schools in Scotland had been successful. Everyone is looking forward to receiving the apple and plum trees next month and feel they will be a fantastic feature for the garden.


The children of Minard Primary welcomed guests to help them celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns on Friday 25th January. The haggis was piped in by Mr Johnny Beattie and ‘The Address to the Haggis’ was performed by Mr John Orr. The children from P6 and P7 had previously visited the Burns Museum in Alloway the week before. The whole school enjoyed a delicious meal of haggis, neeps and tatties prepared by Ms Rhona McKenzie from Furnace Primary washed down with our other National drink and topped off with a scrumptious portion of Mrs Sweeney’s clootie dumpling and cream. During the afternoon the children enjoyed a singalong of Burns’ songs and a viewing of a DVD about The Bard’s life. Continue reading BURNS CELEBRATION AT MINARD PRIMARY!

Bring A Grown-up To School Days

Parents, carers, grandparents and interested friends dusted off their old school bags and polished an apple for the teacher as they went back to school at both Minard and Furnace this week.   On Tuesday Minard hosted children’s grown ups as they learnt maths skills alongside the pupils by plying interactive maths games and solving problems.  Harley’s mum said, “It was great fun!” and all the grown-ups were impressed with the young people’s skills. Continue reading Bring A Grown-up To School Days