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Luing Big Brew

The children of Luing transformed their classroom into a cafe for a Big Brew. This is in connection to the Human Rights work that the children are taking forward and to support Fairtrade Fortnight. Linda Leggett, an island resident and Fairtrade Tradecraft stall holder, set up a stall in the classroom to offer the visitors an opportunity to make their purchases.
As ever, the islanders turned out in force to support not only the children but to show support for Fairtrade and a growing understanding of the human rights agenda.

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Luing Pupils challenge shoppers on Human Rights and Fairtrade

As part of our Human Rights work with Amnesty Ireland and BEMIS, the children of Luing produced the Fairtrade newsletter for Oban, Lorn and the Isles. They also volunteered to distribute information and promote Fairtrade products and Human Rights at a stall in TESCO Oban.

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Luing Primary School, Project on Castles

Continuing our project on castles, all of the pupils were asked to research a castle for homework. They could record their findings in any way they wished, written work, pictures, photos, models or a combination of any of these.

There was much excitement on Monday when the children brought their work to school; fantastically created models small and large appeared, with one small model being edible! Everybody was impressed by the thought and work put into these models. Continue reading Luing Primary School, Project on Castles

Luing pupils rededication of the Dunblane Tree

Luing pupils rededication of the Dunblane Tree.
With the help of Barry Wilson, a resident on the Isle of Luing, the children have rededicated the tree in the garden in memory of the children and the teacher killed in Dunblane. The old sign had rotted away as it was staked into the soil at the base of the tree.
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Luing primary Storms Carnasserie Castle

Luing primary Storms Carnasserie Castle.
As part of the study on Scottish Castles, Luing primary went to Carnasserie Castle. The children had the castle to themselves so we had a magical day.
We investigated the castle and made sketches of what we found. We were able to use our own charcoal that we made in the fire pit at school.
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Nativity news from Luing

The children of Luing primary School ended their run up to Christmas with their beautiful service in Kilchattan Church for the Luing community.

The children left the congregation with the poignant message that simple gifts are often more precious.  To conclude the service Duncan, Murran and Kyle demonstrated their new talent in playing the clarinet and trumpet entertaining us with a medley of Christmas tunes. Continue reading Nativity news from Luing

Sprouts are the favourite!!!

On Tuesday lunch time Luing cook Marianne, helped by Liz from Easdale, cooked up a wonderful Christmas dinner for pupils and staff. Sprouts were declared the favourite vegetable by many of the pupils and Mr Glen-Lee. Mr Glen-Lee thought he was champion sprout eater, but sadly lost out to Duncan and Fergus. Everyone had a wonderful time. Continue reading Sprouts are the favourite!!!

Luing Primary School’s Christmas Night of Entertainment

There was not an empty seat in Cullipool Hall when the pupils of Luing Primary School entertained parents, grandparents and members of the local community. The evening started with the audience being greeted at the door with mince pies and mulled wine.  The children then sang a variety of seasonal songs (accompanied by the ukuleles).  The Early Level stealing the show with their rendition of S.A.N.T.A.  Continue reading Luing Primary School’s Christmas Night of Entertainment

Ukulele Luing launches their Christmas CD

After lots of anticipation Ukulele Luing launched their Christmas CD on Thursday 29th November. Last years P7s came along to help with the launch. The sales table was extremely busy and everyone enjoyed listening to the CD for the first time.
Ukulele Luing have now now been played on Oban FM, Radio Scotland and Radio 2.
The CD is available for purchase from Oban Music, Whitmore and Hamilton (Oban), Balvicar Stores and the school for £5. Continue reading Ukulele Luing launches their Christmas CD

Holly Tea on Luing

All of the children were involved in creating lots of wonderful things to sell at their Holly Tea.
They then worked out the cost price and decided on a selling price.
The parents and members of the local community contributed lots of tasty cakes and biscuits for the baking stall, which was very popular.
People flocked into the school, enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee with a mince pie.
Due to the amazing generosity of the local community we raised over £930. Continue reading Holly Tea on Luing

Luing Primary Pumpkins

All of the pupils at Luing Primary had a fun filled Halloween week. Each child was matched with their own individual pumpkin, which was then used for pumpkin maths, sorting all the pumpkins into order by size, generating lots of discussion about the criteria they chose. Followed by estimating and measuring the weight and circumference of each pumpkin. The children then had great fun carving their pumpkins. Scary night skies were painted and collage witches made. On Wednesday they all came dressed up. They went into the garden and hunted for unusual ingredients to put into their magic potions. Everyone had a fabulous time. Continue reading Luing Primary Pumpkins

Luing Fire Pit

There was great excitement on Thursday when the children of Luing Primary used their fire pit for the first time.  The pit has been a major project worked on by all of the children, Clare the early level worker, with Jon and Watson two members of the Luing community.  The wood for the fire pit area was donated and prepared by the Forestry Commission.  The whole school community have been involved in a full risk assessment process before the fire was ignited. Continue reading Luing Fire Pit

Luing exploring differences

All of the children from nursery to P7 had the opportunity to experience what it felt like to be in a wheelchair.  The children each had a turn sitting in and pushing the wheelchair.  They found the experience interesting, the scariest thing they found was that they had to trust the person pushing them.

The children also wore blindfolds and had to find their way around the school.  A new experience of goalball (with blindfolds) was introduced in the classroom and then extended into a full P.E. experience in the hall. Continue reading Luing exploring differences

Building bridges between Luing and Easdale Primary Schools

Easdale and Luing school communities are part of the shared head teacher pilot.
The children in the schools both requested an opportunity to work closer with their peer groups. The nursery children took the lead by taking a day out for a Teddy Bears Picnic in the ancient Hazel woods of Kilbrandon that stretch between the two schools. This was followed up with P4-7 joining forces for 3 days away with Stramash taking part in challenging team building activities, forging friendships for future learning opportunities.
These are the first of many steps to work together, learn together and share the two identities of these island schools. Continue reading Building bridges between Luing and Easdale Primary Schools

Luing community sports 2012

Luing Primary School hosted their annual community sports event on the playfields of Luing for all ages. The staff and parent council organised the games for all ages, BBQ and raffle. The islanders turned out to join in the event, supporting the children from the Primary school.
Competitors of all ages competed in all events. The wet net obstacle course was popular with all ages and was followed by the whole island tug-of-war – Cullipool verses the rest of the world. Cullipool reclaimed the title as winners of the 2012 event. The rest of the world is in training for next year! Continue reading Luing community sports 2012

Joint Sports Activities Day.

Children from Kilninver, Easdale and Luing primary schools came together for a sports activity day.
Following a day of activity the children won the tug of war hands down, pulling the teachers clean off their feet
We are sure they wouldn’t have managed it if there hadn’t been 80 of them.
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