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Furnace Primary “Brave”ly explore Carnasserie Castle

Furnace pupils spent the day at Kilmartin House Museum and Carnasserie Castle learning about the early historic period in Scottish history. They looked for items left behind by Merida and her family around the museum, investigated the carved burial stones in the neighbouring church yard and then prepared pottage, oatcakes and fruit & honey for lunch over an open fire. In the afternoon we explored Carnasserie Castle to try and picture how Merida and her family lived. The castle will feature in an upcoming film to be written, produced and performed by the pupils.

News from Furnace and Minard

Joint sports day at Minard
The children at Minard and Furnace Primaries enjoyed a lovely afternoon of sporting activities at Minard Primary school on Wednesday the 18th. Organised by our PE teacher, Mrs Floyd, the children were split into four teams and took part in a variety of events including ‘Jimmygymnastics’ ‘water archery’ and the space hopper relay!

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Art Exhibition by Furnace and Minard Primaries

The children in Furnace and Minard primaries held an Art Exhibition in Furnace Primary on Wednesday night to raise money to help pay the education fees of children in Pelandaba orphanage in Zimbabwe. Ex Head Teacher, Mrs Cindy MacDonald, had visited the schools to talk to the children about the work she does for the charity and everyone agreed they wanted to help. The idea of holding an art exhibition was made and everyone has been very busy preparing for it. The exhibition will remain open to visitors on Thursday and Friday. The money raised so far is close to £300.

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Furnace celebrate their 3rd Green Flag..with FROGS!!!

To mark the achievement of getting their 3rd Green Flag, the children decided on a ‘frog’ themed party to celebrate, as the school mascot is Frankie Frog. On Thursday 30th they played leapfrog, sang ‘frog’ songs, played games and made frogs from fondant icing to sit on chocolate logs. At 3p.m. we were joined by parents and friends for the raising of the flag in the school garden. Ms Rhona McKenzie, the school cook, was asked to raise the flag, alongside our P1 and our P7, as she had been a wonderful help to the children in the garden. After the flag raising everyone came back into school for teas, cake and the frogs on logs!

Furnace P5-7 Rainforest Presentation

The children in P5-7 at Furnace gave a presentation of the work they had been covering on their inter-disciplinary topic on the Rainforest to friends and family this week. Some of the children explained to all who came along about the animals and plants that were on their wall display explaining about the different layers of the Rainforest.

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Minard’s Duck Derby

The children at Minard Primary organised and ran a Duck Derby on the last day of term. They sold ‘ducks’ at a £1 each and raised £295 for school funds!
They had written to local businesses around Inveraray asking for donations for the prizes and received some wonderful ones for which we are very grateful.
The children at Furnace Primary joined in the fun. This was after we had celebrated a joint Easter service at Minard church and a buffet lunch at the school.
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‘Clyde’ the official Glasgow Commonwealth Games Mascot visits Furnace and Minard Primaries

On Friday the 1st of March we had a visit from Clyde to Furnace Primary. The children from Minard joined in the fun. We learned about how the mascot was ‘created’ and about the different sports which will be part of the Commonwealth games. Clyde then played a game of rounders with the children and there were lots of ‘high fives’ with him! He even raced the teachers, which was fun for all those watching!

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Bring A Grown-up To School Days

Parents, carers, grandparents and interested friends dusted off their old school bags and polished an apple for the teacher as they went back to school at both Minard and Furnace this week.   On Tuesday Minard hosted children’s grown ups as they learnt maths skills alongside the pupils by plying interactive maths games and solving problems.  Harley’s mum said, “It was great fun!” and all the grown-ups were impressed with the young people’s skills. Continue reading Bring A Grown-up To School Days

Skills Ahoy!

Shipmates at Furnace Pirate, sorry, primary school celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Wednesday by learning a whole host of skills with a piratey flavour. 

Through a day of cooperative learning activities, children from Primary 2-7 practised a whole host of skills and developed their school values.  Pirate games at the swimming pool were followed by art and craft activities where the children made floatable model ships and an edible treasure island with ‘Boson Bones’ (Miss Miller).  First Mate Mrs Baird helped shipmates ‘mash up’ a shanty with a rap (“When I say Yo, You say Ho!”) and Master-at-arms Mr Young challenged crews to show of their knowledge of angles and direction along with problem solving skills in a treasure hunt. 

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