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Lighthouse Lunch at Clachan Primary

Clachan Primary brought a story to life yesterday with a delicious Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch.  We had our own Mrs Grinling in the kitchen who  created a beautiful menu and prepared our lunch.  Some of our food was put into a basket and a pulley was used to winch the basket over to the lighthouse!  There was even a lighthouse cake for dessert!  Thank you to our very own Mrs Grinling

Electricity Workshop inspires pupils!

Clachan and Skipness Primary pupils enjoyed a fantastic electricity workshop last week.
They were able to construct electrical circuits using batteries, bulbs, motors and buzzers.

Pupils worked together with solar panels, making use of the sunshine outside.
Many thanks to Pat for providing us with so many opportunities for active learning. Continue reading Electricity Workshop inspires pupils!

Lifelong Learners!

The pupils of Clachan Primary School found out about people in the past during a recent visit to Inveraray Jail.  We were shown around by one of the ‘prisoners’ from 200 years ago called Eliza.  We were able to go into a cell and find out how comfortable sleeping in a hammock could be, how the prisoners did their laundry and how difficult it was to turn the crank wheel.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and hope that Eliza is found not guilty and is able to return to her family!

Calm After The Storm

Clachan Primary School pupils tackled the aftermath of the flash floods which caused chaos to their village.  The river burst its banks, ripping the road surface and flooding the school playground.
The following day, the pupils formed a village clean-up team to pick up all the debris from the storm and restore the area to its former beauty. The pupils would like to thank the workmen from Argyll and Bute roads department who removed the rubble and silt from their playground.  A real community effort!
Catherine Black, Headteacher