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Achaleven Primary School Helping out Hope Kitchen

When we returned from the school holidays we discovered an abundance of crops in our school garden, from peas, giant cucumbers and carrots to a bumper crop of potatoes – which also won first prize in the Connel Flower Show last weekend!
What should we do with all these vegetables? We wanted to help others so we contacted Hope Kitchen in Oban to see if they could use them.

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Musical Delight at Achaleven

A huge thank you to Andrew Dunlop and Jemma Brown for a wonderful peek into the world of music-making on Monday morning. They are in the middle of the 2013 LornLive Chamber Music Festival and took time out to visit us and give as an insight into the life of a professional performer. We learned about the importance of warming up and did some vocal exercises and then it was time to be the conductor and we took turns making Andrew and Jemma sing and play very loudly and very quietly. Continue reading Musical Delight at Achaleven

Achaleven’s Pop-Up Plant Stall

We have been busy growing plants from seed in the school garden and they have done so well we thought we would sell our extra ones! Thanks to Rosie at Connel Village Store, we had a pop-up plant stall on Friday outside the shop, where plants were available for sale (payment by donation to a box in the shop).
They are mostly tomato plants but there are a few pepper and cucumber plants as well.
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Magnet Workshop was a power to be reckoned with!

Achaleven’s P1/P4 and Dunbeg’s P1/P2 discovered the power of magnets today when Edinburgh International Science Festival’s Generation Science team brought their Marvellous Magnets workshop to Achaleven Primary.

We learnt all about magnetic attraction and repulsion, fields and poles and explored what effect magnetic forces have on the world around us.

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Achaleven Primary Fanatical for Fairtrade!

Thanks to all those who came along to our Fairtrade Tea Party at the school on Friday. There was lovely tea and coffee and some great banana loaf, curtesy of Anne MacKenzie, along with a few other fairtrade nibbles. We are very proud to say that £45.53 was raised on the day which has been passed to the Oban and Lorn Fairtrade Steering Group.

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Achaleven is energy-wise!

On 23rd January Kirsty from ALIenergy came to the school to teach us all about different types of energy and the importance of using renewable energy. The children had great fun learning how energy can be produced using water, wind, the sun and even how our movement creates energy. Kirsty told us a story about little penguins and how worried they are about their world getting smaller. We are going to try and remember to use less energy, recycle when we can, shut doors, switch off lights and the tv. Recycling is one of our eco topics. Continue reading Achaleven is energy-wise!

Achaleven Angels

Although there are only four wee girls at Achaleven, they love to sing and have been practising very hard some songs to celebrate the Nativity. Our first outing was to the local Etive Club, where we added our songs and poems to their Christmas celebrations.  A visit from a very funny Santa soon had us all giggling.  Word soon spread that the girls were lovely singers and we were invited to sing for the residents at the Lynne of Lorne Home in Benderloch  and Eader Glinn Home in Oban. Continue reading Achaleven Angels

Achaleven Holly Tea

We held our Holly Tea in the school last Saturday. We had fun getting ready for the big day. We iced biscuits, made beautiful table decorations with holly and candles and decorated the classroom with festive pictures.
Everyone helped on the day. There was lots and lots of lovely home baking for sale. Fair Trade tea and coffee was on offer as we are working towards becoming a Fair Trade school. Lots of people turned up to support us and munched through mince pies and shortbread. Continue reading Achaleven Holly Tea

Making story CDs was today’s mission at Lochnell

Reading for RNIB Day is 19th October but as that falls during the holidays we decided to have our RNIB day today. Children from nursery to Primary 7 in Lochnell and visitors from Achaleven Primary were involved in creating a huge range of story recordings which will be made into CDs and form a story bank for sighted children and those with visual impairments.  Stories for Early Years children will also have brailed books made to match the CDs and be kept in a story bag with items from the story for children to handle so they can understand more about each story. Continue reading Making story CDs was today’s mission at Lochnell

Behind-the-Scenes at Tesco

On Wednesday 26th Sept, Achaleven Primary School visited Tesco’s in Oban for a tour as part of the topics “The World of Work” and “Food”.
Gary Killorn, Stock Control Manager gave as tour “where your parents don’t get to go” and we saw how stock goes from lorry to check-out and all the stages in-between. After a quick trip to the fish counter we went into the stock area where we saw the hydraulic lift in operation where the cages of stock come off the lorries. We also saw the recycling areas and the stock areas for dry goods, refrigerated goods (it was quite cold in there) and the high value goods. There was also the freezer stock room but we didn’t go in as it was far too cold! Continue reading Behind-the-Scenes at Tesco