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Dunoon Grammar School Numeracy News

On Wednesday 29th October a group of pupils from the S3 Numeracy project attended a Challenge Day at Clydeview Academy. The pupils spent the day working in teams, made up of both schools, trying to solve logic puzzles and problem solving questions. Pupils from both schools worked very hard to be part of the winning team but with only two unsolved puzzles and more than half of the problem solving puzzles correct the winning team included Briege Liddell and Evan Meyer-McDonagh from DGS. Continue reading Dunoon Grammar School Numeracy News

Trip to Tesco

The children went on a trip to Tesco this week and this is some information about it.

The children of Clachan and Skipness Primary Schools have started their latest IDL of food and religion. They began with a WOW day which took them away from school. Tesco had invited them to spend the day in their Campbeltown shop. The children were very excited to discover that there was more the Tesco than they see when they go on their shopping trips with their parents.

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“Mapping” at Minard

As part of their mapping topic this term the children of Minard Primary School had a very enjoyable and informative morning with Mr Andy Craven learning all about compass points and mapping. The weather was kind to them and they had super fun recognising and matching map symbols, locating compass directions and reading orienteering maps. A huge thank you goes to Andy and the children look forward to working with him again soon.

Whole School Orienteering at Sandbank Primary!

A whole school orienteering event took place at Sandbank Primary School on the last Thursday of the June term 2014. The pupils of Gaelic medium P6/7 had walked up to the Heritage trail the previous week, chosen a safe but challenging area for a star-orienteering exercise, drew the maps and planned the course. Back at school they prepared the materials (bilingually (Gaelic & English) and laminated the maps ready for the big day. Miss Wombwell split the rest of the school into mixed ability teams.
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JLB Maths Challenge Awards!

Ben, Kelci and Rebecca, P7 pupils at John Logie Baird Primary recently collected their prize for the annual Schools Maths Challenge run by Strathclyde University. The pupils all received a Silver Certificate and mug for their high scores in the problem solving challenge at Strathclyde University. The event also had their brains working – the had many challenges to complete which were very thought provoking – even for the adults present!
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Numeracy Across the Curriculum @ Kilmartin

To help the children understand the importance of numeracy skills in the world outside of the classroom and to give the children an exciting context for their learning, all of the children at Kilmartin P.S. visited Portavadie Marina for lunch. The trip was wonderful, the food and service from the Portavadie staff was second to none but…the children had to do a considerable amount of work prior to the trip to earn this fabulous reward! They studied ferry timetables, investigated ticket prices, learned the difference between a single journey, a return ticket and a 6 ticket deal.

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This week was finance week at Port Ellen and all the classes have been involved in learning about money, finishing in a finance fair on Friday Morning. Primary 1&2 have been learning about banks and spreadsheets, and have even started saving their money up for the summer holidays. They ran a bank at the exhibition and showed they could count change, and had even made their own piggy banks. Primary 2&3 had made commonwealth animal banks, which included a wonderful anteater and Kiwi bank.


Dunoon Grammar School’s Mathematicians

Dunoon Grammar School’s team of four mathematicians from S1 and S2 won 12th place in the UKMT Team Challenge held at the University of the West of Scotland. The team enjoyed competing against 28 other teams from the west of Scotland region. The challenge consisted of four rounds including a cross-number, maths shuttle and an intense relay race. Congratulations to Hazel Oxland, Willow Grieve, Conor Adams and Katie Lambert for an excellent result against some very fierce competition. For further information please contact

Hola! World Book Day with an International flavour at Ardchattan!

Ardchattan Primary School have celebrated World Book Day and International School Meals day with fun, food and fantastic fundraising for Mary’s Meals!
It all began six weeks ago at our Community Burns Supper when we announced the start of our Change for Mary’s Meals campaign. We have four of the blue Mary’s Meals mugs, one for each child in our school. Our target was to fill the mugs with enough small change to feed four children in Malawi for a year, a total of about £40.

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Lorn Mathsfest

On the 12th February the fifteenth Annual Lorn Mathsfest was held in Oban High School. Forty-eight S1 pupils and forty-eight P7 pupils from the associated Primary Schools formed teams of four. These teams worked together enthusiastically during the day to solve written and practical maths problems and puzzles. One of the written problems was in French and another was in Gaelic!

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UK Maths Challenge 2014

On Thursday 6th February, 60 of our S3 and S4 pupils competed in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge. The UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge is an hour long, intriguing multiple choice question paper, which is designed to stimulate interest in maths in large numbers of pupils.
The top 40% of students nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the ratio 1:2:3 and each school receives a Best in School certificate.

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Penguin In A Box

Kilchrenan Primary pupils are trying to work out what to do with a ridiculous number of penguins. Arriving at a rate of one a day, they are working hard to find ways to store them. Mathematical ways. If you have a cube 6×6 how many penguins do you have? How many will we have on the last day of term? What happens if we stack them in threes? And, what mathematical adventures will they have when they go home? Please note that no penguins were harmed in the making of this learning, though quite a few cubes were stood on. We all recommend the book “365 penguins”, but it does help if you have a large back of unused penguins in your janitor’s cupboard! Continue reading Penguin In A Box

Rockfield’s Drovers Monday 27 January 2014

In Rockfield School two classes, P5/4 mainstream and P7/6/5 Gaelic, have worked together to learn about the life of the ancient Drovers in Argyll.
They have worked in partnership with Joyce Gilbert from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and Sally Harkness, Storyline Scotland, with both classes following Sally’s world renowned Storyline Approach. It has been a wonderful example of Curriculum for Excellence at its best and a thematic approach to Social Studies.
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The Education Minister Outdoors

Stramash was delighted to welcome Michael Russell MSP , to view the projects and work of the organisation. He began the day by visiting the children at the outdoor nursery site to explore the site and discover more about the learning taking place within the early years setting outdoors. The children were very inquisitive to meet their special visitor!

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Bowmore Primary School News

Thursday 14th November 2013
Internet Safety Caption
Nervously, on Friday 1st November 2013, we waited for Sergeant Rae to come in to teach us about the dangers of the internet.
First we learned about file sharing then cautiously we talked openly about e-mail. Crazily, most of us use e-mail often and it is very popular, although Facebook and Twitter are very well known and used as well.

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Christmas Carpentry at Sandbank Primary School

Primary 3 (Mainstream and Gaelic) and GM 6/7 from Sandbank Primary School are using their woodwork skills to transform a square of wood into a star with the minimum of wasted material. GM 6/7 have proved themselves to be responsible and trustworthy therefore they are making their stars as an independent mini-topic whenever they have a spare moment of the day. The younger pupils get their instruction during their Friday afternoon activity lessons.

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Healthy Breakfast Bonanza at Strath of Appin Primary School

As part of their Health and Wellbeing topic, all the children in the school have been learning about healthy eating and the importance of not skipping breakfast. The children came up with a variety of healthy options that they wanted to try at the Breakfast Club and over the five days the children were given the opportunity to taste these. Options included fruit juices, fresh and dried fruit, whole grain cereals, porridge, wholemeal and seeded breads, yoghurt and semi-skimmed milk.

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Cardross Primary National Sumdog Champions

P7 pupils at Cardross finished on top at the Sumdog UK National Maths Contest. The were 172 schools battling it out with over 8,325 students involved. The school scores were based on an average number of correct answers of all of the pupils in the class. Cardross came top of the leader board with a score of 736 points. The school has won a class subscription to Sumdog which is a fun way to reinforce maths skills.


Pupils attend Q&A session with ‘Chief Internet Evangelist’ Dr. Vint Cerf

Four pupils from Dunoon Grammar School recently attended a question and answer session with Dr Vinton G Cerf, an American computer scientist, who is recognised as one of only two “fathers of the Internet” and is currently employed as Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist.