Tom’s Midnight Garden Book Review

Tom’s Midnight Garden is a book I have read by Philippa Pearce. It was published in 1958 so the language in it is different from what we would see today. The genre is adventure, as Tom goes on an adventure around the garden. It is about a boy named Tom who has to go to his aunt and uncle’s house to stay temporarily because his brother, Peter, has measles.

When Tom first goes to his aunt and uncle’s, he was bored, but curious because there was a grandfather clock with a “13th hour.” He missed his brother and he couldn’t get to sleep, and when he saw the 13th hour on the clock, he sneaked out to the garden.

In the garden, he met a girl named Hatty, who ends up being one of the main protagonists in the story. Hatty says she is a princess, even though she is not, however that isn’t important the story. Time moves faster in the garden, so he can stay in there for a long time, even though it’s just an hour.

He ends up going to the garden every night, and something completely new happens every night. He meets someone called Abel, who is extremely protective over Hatty. Since everything moves faster in the garden, some big and important things an happen very quickly. A fir-tree that previously had an effect of the story came down, leaving it to never be mentioned again.

The book is quite a serious book, and doesn’t have much humor, but a funny bit in the book is when Tom and Hatty are fighting over which one of them might be a ghost.

At the end of the book, Tom and Hatty go skating down Ely, in one of the frostiest winters Ely had ever had. It didn’t take long to become winter, as it started of in summer, but became winter in only a couple of months.

A interesting quote from the book is: “Nothing stands still, except in our memory.”

In conclusion, I would rate the book 4/5, as it is a good and exciting book, but it can get boring sometimes.

Making Sways For Our Political Groups

When we were making groups for a certain subject to debate for, we had to make a Sway. Our group was about gender equality, and our sway was explaining what our group was about and what we were trying to do. The sway also had a video of two people in our group talking about our group and why people should vote for us. Each group also had a picture of the entire group. I was in charge of making the sway and I made slides about: Our members, our manifesto, what we are trying to do and our slogan. We showed our sway in front of the entire school to try to get them to vote for us. If we won the election, we could choose an activity everyone in the school could do, but we didn’t win however.

Teaching Bowmore Primary How To Use Sway

Today Bowmore primary came to our school so we could teach them how to use sway. First we showed them how to start from a subject on sway, and then they made their own sway with the information. Next we taught them how to use one note, and we told them about the collaboration space and how they could use the different subjects in their folder to work. They made there own pages about Dunyvaig and they write about their trip to Dunyvaig. Mrs. Clark showed them how the start form document feature works but they didn’t use it. We added sway and google classroom to their homepage so they could access it easily. Then they had to leave at 2:30 and they were told they could use sway, google classroom and one note at home.

Port Ellen Community Festival

On Friday 26th may in port Ellen at the co-op beach there was a community festival. They were selling cakes, drinks and toys. Up to a certain time the burgers and drinks were free however eventually the burgers and drinks were £2.50. All the stores were giant tents and they were constantly crowded.

Most of the people from the school were there and people from all over Islay where there too. More than one hundred people were just wandering around, either playing on the beach or talking. There was about 5 people running each store and they were constantly busy.

Some people were sitting down on the beach however no one went too close too the water as everyone wanted to buy something when the lines went down. The toy store shut down at about half seven however most other stores were still running.

Most people started leaving at around about eight to either go to their home or just to have a walk around the beach. The stores started to close and go out of stock so people shut down their store which made people leave.

My Kodu Endeavor

img_1371At Port Ellen primary school my endeavor is Kodu lab game. Kodu is a game to learn the physics of coding however ignoring writing things down like regular coding. You can do all sorts of things like build a world, create objects and robots, create hills and more. You can “program” anything as long as it is a object and make it do almost whatever you want.

For my Kodu endeavor I am doing different levels. For my first level I made a time challenge. You have three minutes to either do a hard jumping challenge or to do a race. when you complete a challenge you will be transported to the next level. In the 2nd level there will be 11 trees. 10 trees will give you a game over but 1 tree will transport you to the next level. In the next level there is a maze where there are 5 red apples and 5 black apples. The black apples give you minus 10 points but red will give you plus 10 points. Getting minus points will result in game over however getting 50 points will give you a win.

For my 4th level (which is still in development) I am making a space invaders game. there will be a light spawning in stars which will shoot at you and if you run out of health you lose. If you destroy a certain amount of stars you will win. For the 5th level I am thinking of doing a plat former level where you have to jump on blocks and try to reach the top while trying to beat a computer controlled robot which is also going to the top.  It is great fun.

Crazy Claus Christmas fair

photo-on-08-12-2016-at-14-48We have been making things for the Christmas fair. We have made tiles with a map of Islay on it, we have made rainbow coloured Christmas baubles with sparkles and we have made snow globes. We have made a book on an app called book creator on the ipads with the Christmas fair notes on it. We also designed a cupcake for the cupcake competition. We made crunchie flavoured red cupcakes with a Santa hat on them. We have been learning how to make a balance sheet and how to make a chart on excel and we also did market research for the project.  I hope everything sells really well.

Roald Dahl Day

On Tuesday 13th Scrvz8kcusaaowpkeptember it was Roald Dahl day! Everyone got Roald Dahl cakes and every cake had something to do with one of Roald Dahls books. We were doing art to do with Roald Dahl and at 2:30 we got to watch Matilda for a hour.  It was great!  Here is a picture of Bronagh with Mavis Gulliver receiving a framed copy of her BFG picture.

Port Ellen Primary School Bramble Picking

IMG_1030On Wednesday 7th September Mrs.Clark’s class and P1/2/3 went bramble picking at the croft road. There was 2 people in each pair and every pair was given 1  bag to put the brambles they find in. As we set off to get brambles a buildbase lorry went by and we all had to get on the grass and let the lorry pass. After the lorry was gone we started to pick the brambles and there was a lot of brambles found just at the start of the road. Matthew and his little brother William started to get further down the road. People were on left and right trying to get the biggest and most purple brambles so that they can make the best bramble jam. Ciaran was always at the front of all the people just because some people at the front said that they would get the most brambles because they were at the front. Closer to the end of the path there were more brambles but most of us decided to take out time because if we did that we could still find a lot of brambles which no one knows about.  We picked over 5Kg of brambles and made it into bramble jam.  Yum!

P3/4 walk a mile walk

walk p34On Thursday we went on a walk up the distillery path behind the school car park.  We walked to the gate halfway to Ardbeg and then we turned back and started to come back to the school. This was one mile. If we walk a mile then we will get stamina. When we where back at the school we went to a rock behind the car park then we had a race. We ran along the wall,then to the wooden hut then we came back to the rock,had a seat then we went home. And we were all tired. Braeden said he thought it was quite good and Orla enjoyed it too.

by Rhys, Ciaran