Sophie Macdonald

Jun 022017

Every Wednesday afternoon we do Endeavour, Endeavour is a personal topic that we learn about or a year. at the end of the year we have an Endeavour fair to show what we have achieved in the year, different Endeavour topics in our class are:

Holly-birds                                             Sophie-animations                                             Lauren-bath and beauty

Ellie-toys from the past                       Kaitlyn-cake decorating                                    Abi-photography

Sarah-giant pandas                              Natalie-horse care/riding                                 Eva-beauty and skin care

Struan-the body                                    Darren-golf history                                            Andre-graphic novel

Aaron-art                                                Rhys-kodu                                                           Taylor-sports

Matthew-comics                                   Jack-golf                                                               Charlie-the Cal mac boats

Aidan- deforestation                          Ruaraidh-book making                                      Rowan-magic tricks

Rebecca-Islay kids website                  Kaya-poetry                                                          Ciaran-engineering

Mar 242017

Today the 24th of March is comic relief. We have dressed up in red and have been selling cakes and red noses. All the money goes to Comic Relief. We are pleased to say that we raised £200!!! Hopefully we raise that much next year. Thank you to everyone who took part in this fun day and to all the people who brought some cakes in.

By Sophie and Holly

Mar 102017

The p5/6/7 had a game design competition. There were four groups The pink tree trackers, The dream team, MCG gaming and The fish finish line. My group was the pink tree trackers. In our group we had our own roles, these were the roles:

Sophie – Creative diretor/Manager

Natalie – Assistant Marketer/ Producer

Rowan – Programmer

Aaron – Artist

Abi – Game designer

Ciaran – Game designer

In our game we had four levels, all of them had a pink tree in it. They all had a pink tree in them because the whole point of our game was to get to the pink tree and that’s how you got to the next level. I think our group worked well together because we never left anyone out of anyone with nothing to do but I think we need to work on being a little more organized and faster. One problem we had to overcome was that we wanted the Kodu to eat the apples but he wasn’t, but as we tinkered around a little we found out that we had programed the apple instead of programing Kodu. The strategy that we used was debugging.

by Sophie Macdonald

Jan 132017

I think the swimming lessons are good because most of the population know how to swim but the other part doesn’t know so its for good learning. I also think that it is good because it makes you more successful at swimming even if you are good at swimming. Our swimming lessons start on Tuesday 17 Jan. I think its going to be fun but challenging.

By Aaron and Andre

Dec 222016

Every day on Monday after school Mr Shakespeare runs a sports club. Loads of people in the school go to sports club and enjoy it. We have been doing lots of different activities such as football, shinty, hockey handball, dodgeball and eliminate frisby.  It is great fun.

Dec 082016

img_1711The PPPS which are Matthew, Aaron, Abi, Rowan, Sophie and Kaitlyn are making crafts for Port Ellen’s Christmas fair. We made lots of items and it only took two days to make everything. We made tin cans, star mirrors, taguls and finger puppet nativities. The star mirrors are £1:50 there are 7 of them. The nativity is £2:00 and there is 5 sets of them. The taguls are £1:00 and there are 8 of them. The star mirrors are £1:50 and there are 7 of them. The tin cans are 50p and there 6 of them.  We had to create balance sheets and work out unit costs to be able to price our items, to make sure we make a profit.

by the Pretty Presents Perfect Service

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