Cooking Around The World

For my Endeavour I am doing cooking around the world. Endeavour is an independent topic that you work on for a few months. I chose Cooking around the world because I love to cook and I don’t know where foods come from and I would love to know. I have used books from different places that has lots od different recipes on it. Mrs Mcfarlane has helped me when I have been cooking.  I have learned how to chop vegetables and I now know how to be safe in the kitchen. I have also improved my math skills and my chopping. On the day when I showed what I had achieved I had 2 posters, some recipes, a video, foods that I brought in and my quiz and pictures of what I made.

Scottish Country Dancing

For the Day of Dance, which is when children from other schools come to Bowmore hall and we all do different dances, we have been practicing  different dances in partners. We have learned the Dashing White Sergeant and much more. It has improved our level of fitness and we have learned to work together in groups and partners better. We have also improved our listening skills because we have to listen to the teachers so we  know how to do the dances.

It is energetic and you can meet your friends and maybe new friends when we practice the dances and go to the day of dance and we will learn and get better at Scottish country dancing.

Compass Points

P1010222We have been learning about compass points because it helps us with our orienteering because you need to know your compass points to get to the markers. All the compass points are north represented by an N then there is north-east represented by an NE after that there is east represented by an E then there is south east represented by a SE then there is then there south represented by an S and that is half the circle. Then on the other half of the circle, there is south west represented by SW then there is west represented W then there is north-west is represented by NW then is north again. There is a degree for each compass point which helps you to know if you’re facing the right way. When you change the degrees  to north to east or to east to south you add 45 degrees on because each turn you do you add 45 degrees. North is either 360 or 0 and north-east is 45 degrees. East is 90 because 45 add 45 is 90 degrees. South east is 125 degrees. South is 180 degrees. South west is 225. West is 270 degrees and north west is 315. Then back to north which is 0 degrees.