Picnic Lunch

On Tuesday 27th we had a picnic lunch to celebrate us winning the STEM awards. When we went down for lunch, everyone was excited because there was music playing. We got told there would be a surprise at the end but we didn’t know what it would be. Everyone was dancing and then we went up to get lunch. There was cakes and sandwiches. After we all got told to look out the door and when we looked out we seen and heard the ice cream van. We then got told we were getting ice cream. Everyone was really surprised. We went outside to eat our ice cream and when we came back in we watched the movie sing.  It was fun!

Picnic Lunch

On Tuesday 27th we had a picnic lunch to celebrate us winning the STEM awards, we got told there would be a surprise at the end so we were all very excited. When everyone got downstairs there was music playing and everyone was dancing around, they all looked very happy. There was cakes and sandwiches. We all then got told to look out the door and listen. We then seen and heard the ice cream van, we were all very surprised. Everybody got a free ice cream. We went outside for a break and to eat our ice cream, when the bell rang everyone went into the hall and we watched Sing the movie. At the end of the day everyone was really happy.

By Ellie M

Toys From The Past Endeavour

Endeavour is a long term project that you work on through out the year to improve your learning, which has to be ambitious. For my Endeavour I have chosen  Toys from the past. I hope to achieve some hand-made toys for the finish. I wrote to the Museum Of Childhood. I asked them questions that they can answer for my Endeavour, and I got a reply. With my reply I got a picture of a dolls house. This year I plan to make a toy from each decade, interview, planning, sway and many different things. So far I have achieved my sway, letter, information and a poster of popular toys. I will have learnt many different skills, For example building, designing and I will learn how much toys have changed. I really hope I will be successful.

Breakfast Club

img_1788Every Wednesday morning, from 8:30-9:00 we have been running a Breakfast Club for people in the school, So they can come to have Breakfast. Breakfast is very important because it gives you a good start to the day. The Mindfulness Minions have organised the Breakfast Club, they have wrote a letter to the co-op to say thank you because they donated all the food that we have at Breakfast Club. At Breakfast Club there is Croissants, Cereal, Hot chocolate, tea, juices and toast. Everyone loves going to Breakfast Club, and everyone who goes gets a great start to the day. We all have to thank the co-op for donating food to the school. We all have been enjoying Breakfast Club.

Thank You

Mindfulness Minions

Joint Choir

Every Monday after school Port Ellen and Bowmore choir join together to learn and sing the two part. Every week Bowmore and Port Ellen take turns to go over to each others schools. We get over on the bus, but Port Ellen leave school fifteen minutes earlier to get to Bowmore in time since Bowmore finish earlier. It isn’t only good for singing in the choir it gives Port Ellen and Bowmore a chance to know each other before going to high school. We all enjoy going and every week we sing two different two parts. Each two part has sopranos and altos, which are two different kinds of singing. Even though the choirs are joined together, there are still two separate choirs and they are still competing against each other in the Mod. I think that this is a great opportunity to meet other children from Bowmore and is great to improve our singing.

By Ellie and Kaya Middleton

Cooking Club

During this term cooking club has been run  by Mrs Harrison on a Monday after school. It was run from 3:30 to 4:30. Every week we made different foods. The first week we made a scone recipe choosing some ingredients to put in. The next week we made pizza using the scone recipe as a base and made our own tomato sauce. The next week we made a pasta bake to take home and share with our family for dinner. We boiled pasta then made sauces, there was a cheesy sauce and a tomato sauce. The last week Mrs Harrison thought of something more exciting so we made pancakes. We made apple flavour which was from Jamie Oliver’s recipe and we also made a thick and thin pancake recipe. We then shared the pancakes and put our own favourites on them. We had jam, butter, golden syrup, maple syrup and some bananas. We all enjoyed making our recipes and going to cooking club.

By Kaitlyn and Ellie.

Mindfulness Minions

imageWe are the Mindfulness Minions.  In our group are Ellie, Lauren, Caitidh, Freya, Dearbhla, Ellen and me, Millie.  Our aim is to to keep everyone in Port Ellen happy, fit and healthy.  We want everyone to treat each other as they would like to be treated.

We would like to do a health day and we could make music.We organised to have everyone wear PJs to school, baked cakes and had a teddy competition for Children in Need.

The Kelpies

img_1122After we had had our dinner we were going to go on a night trip to The glowing flashing Kelpies. We left our day bags in our rooms. After dinner we got into our groups that we found out when we were on the ferry. We all partnered up and then left to see the Kelpies. On the bus it was dark so everyone was excited because that would mean the Kelpies would glow up. Before we got off the bus they talked to us about being safe they had said to stay away from the canal and watch out for cars also strangers. When we got there we got of the bus and walked towards the Kelpies everyone knew they were huge because they were really big even when we were far away from them. Once we had arrived there was two huge horse heads that were glowing up, they were changing colors after about a couple of seconds. I didn’t know it was going to be two heads I thought it would be one, it was a fantastic sight.