Jun 282017

On Monday the 19th of june 2017 port Ellen Primary held their sports day. It had been canceled 3 times before and then it finally managed to get it on. There was lots of fun events for the little and older children. But the most important event was the decider for the sports championships, it was the hundred metre sprint. It was the decider for the boys but it wasnt the decider for girls. Sports day is always a fantastic fun day. This year it was really close for the boys championships. There was only 25 points in it and when it came down to the sprint Ruaridh beat the leader by hardly anything and they tied overall. All the little ones love sports day they have a blast every year and they will always have fun then it came the prize giving. For boys it was 3rd Andre Cruz Second Darren Hamilton 1st Ruaraidh Macdonald and Struan Colthart. For the girls 3rd Lauren Macdonald 2nd Natalie Logan and Eva Munro 1st Sophie Macdonald. Now they sat down and everyone will have a blast next year.

Feb 232017



On Monday 20th February primary 5/6/7 had to guess who won the My Place Photography Competition


and Mrs Clark said that there was a winner and a runner up in the class. So we went through all the photos and Mrs Clark told us if we were right or wrong. We were told that the runner up was Ruaraidh MacDonald and the winner was Matthew Campbell. They were absolutely shocked and they were very happy and exited. On the 22nd March they will go to Glasgow and get presented to and interviewed by the press. Our photos will be blown up and put with all of the other winners and runner ups. They will get to see a private viewing of all the winners and runner ups from the past years. Then they will go back to Islay that night and they will tell their school the next day when they go back in.




Nov 232016

SUMDOGSumdog is an online maths platform where you have lots of games to play and when you play them you get asked questions.  Your teacher can see how many questions you have done and what ones you got right. Sumdog is good because it helps lots of children with their maths. It also helps them to try harder to make a difference with their maths. P5/6/7 have been doing the Argyll and Bute Sumdog competition.  You have to answer 1000 questions to complete the test. Lots of schools all over Argyll & Bute entered the competition. The amount of questions that you get right decides if you will make it onto the leader board, and 3 children from P567 were in the top 50. If you get 1000 out of 1000 it is almost definitely that you will make it to first. Our school came 8th on the leader board in the whole of The Argyll and Bute.

Oct 092016

img_1255On Tuesday 4th October Port Ellen primary went to Bowmore on a rugby trip with other schools on the island. First I did tag rugby  and then I did skill practice and then touch rugby and then bull dogs. I learned that no matter what you have to run forward in rugby.  When it was lunch time everyone ran to the grass where our pack lunch was.  I had cheese sandwiches, some crisps, some ribena cartons and a banana. Then in the afternoon we only did rugby and also we got a snack which was a bottle of water and a fruit bar donated by the Islay Rugby club, who also paid for our bus which was very kind.  It was very fun.

Sep 202016

img_1317On Wednesday the 14th of September, P6/7 from all the schools on Islay and Jura went to Stirling Castle. We had to walk up a small hill just to get to the castle. When we got up to the castle we had to go into the middle of the courtyard. Then we got told by a tour guide just to go up to the main hall and wait until the woman came and told us to follow her and then we went into the grand hall. We were told that the grand hall was used for when the king was having his dinner. It was also used for dancing and it was used for the servants to sleep in. Then the woman took us over to the palace. The palace had two rooms in it. One room held all the people that the king had requested to meet. But the king only picked some of the people to meet in the other room. If you were very special you got to meet in his bedroom. The queen had the same thing two rooms and a bedroom. Then we got to go into a room when we got to dress up as characters from Mary queen of Scots times and Robert the Bruce. Then we went back to the bus and we drove off to the Bannockburn centre

By Ruaraidh Macdonald


Sep 082016

Next week we are going on a trip to Stirling University to see what university is all about.  As a student you get to choose your own subjects. You get set essays on a set time. You can also do courses. You also get to meet new people that will be you friends forever. They have a major sports program at Stirling.

Advantages – You get a student discount. You get Christmas, Easter and the Summer off. You get a University flat. When you graduate you get to go to the grad ball and get pretty pictures. You are close to the cinema and yummy restaurants and a very good swimming pool and gym.

My Aunty (Shona Isla) studied Animal Biology and very recently graduated. Her friends still come to visit us with their parents.

A team from Stirling Universaty went to Rio 2016 they got to go on Tv.

Some people from Stirling Unaversaty is part of team GB.

The are four swimmers from team GB which were taught by Stirling University. They also do golf, running, football, rugby and more.

By Eva, Darren and Ruaraidh.

Apr 242016

Port Ellen Primary School has 4 values they are respect, resilience, honesty and success. We have been talking about respect. We have come up with different ideas of how to show respect here are some of our ideas. Be kind and caring to everyone around you, remember your manners, Don’t be cheeky to adults. We have been talking about this at our early assembly’s on a Monday morning. We are going to have a character for respect value and all the other values. We always get told on assembly’s on a Friday to always respect one another. Every week we will pick a new value and we will discuss that one until the next week.

Feb 052016

The enterprise group are going to be making soaps this term to sell to places on Islay.  In our group is Murray, Jack, Darren, Freya, Ruaraidh, Alexander and Charlie.  Our slogan is we are soaptastic.  We have a logo with a world on it.  We want to experiment making different kinds of soaps. We will have our notice board completed. We will research and type up 5 key facts for our notice board. We will have a group photo.

Feb 042016

P5/6/7 go swimming on Tuesday mornings to get ourselves ready for our swimming gala. We learn how to do front crawl and how you take a breath. You do three strokes and tilt your head to the side and take a breath. We also learned how to float; you take a deep breath in and then go onto your front or your back. We also learned how to sink you take a deep breath and when you are under water let it all out and then close your mouth. That is what we do at swimming lessons.

Dec 172015

DSCN3283The children of Port Ellen Primary School had a panto and P5/6/7 and part of P4 had most of the main parts but all the classes were on the stage at the end. The panto was called What a Knight and it was about the legend of King Aurthur. The main characters are Kitty and Watt Cobblers they are mother and son. They were played by Ruaraidh Macdonald And Eva Munro. It was on the 10th and the 11th of December 2015. There was also bad guys in it and they were the Black Knight and Ernie and Bernie Blackhead and they were evil. Then we had Princesses Alberta, Alfreda and Alice. Two of them dressed like princesses and the other one was like a peasant. And at the end we were singing with the audience Winter Wonderland and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I really enjoyed it.


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