Day of Dance

Day of Dance this year started with us missing the first half of it because the bus man forgot us. Apart dd15from that it was great.  The first  dance  was the for the Reel for Jeanie and the last was the Dashing White Sergeant, the class favourite dance.  Half way through the day they repeated the Flying Scotsman. In all the day was great and thanks to Mrs Shaw and Mrs Campbell for teaching us so well:

A Reel For Jeanie.

First you dance in a circle for four back for four.

Next the top couple walk down the middle then cast of  with the rest of the people following.

Make an arch and the rest of you walk though.

Then you clap 8 times and spin with right hand.

By Anwen Baker

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

In class, p7 have been learning to convert fractions, decimals and percentages, we have been focusing mainly on fractions and decimals.         Fun Fact: If in a decimal, a number is repeated lots of times, like 1/3 is 0.33333333 etc. you would write 0.3 with a º above the 3.

We have learned lots more, like :

1/4 is 0.25 so 2/4 would be 0.5 you would keep doubling until you got to 4/4 which is 1.00

1/2 is 0.5 which is equivalent to 2/4

1/5 is 0.2 so 2/5 would be 0.4                     .

1/6  would be 0.166

1/10 would be 0.1 because there is 10 10ths in 1

We have also been learning to convert percentages to decimals for example:

20% as a decimal is 0.2 as a fraction is 1/4

25% as a decimal is 0.25 as a fraction is 1/5

50% as a decimal is 0.5 as a fraction is 1/2

75% as a decimal is 0.75 as a fraction is 3/4

80% as a decimal is 0.8 as a fraction is 4/5

100% as a decimal is 1.0 as a fraction is 1/1

These are just some of the vast array of fractions, decimals and percentages in the known world. Hope you found this intreaging and interesting. hopefully you have learned something new.

By Anwen and Izzy 🙂



The Euro Quiz

We are taking part in a quiz for P6 in Scotland that is called the Euro Quiz. The Euro Quiz is a quiz that tests you on your knowledge of Europe and the EU.  It was set up by the Scottish Parliament to encourage children to learn about the EU and Europe.  I now know about the EU, when Europe day is, the EU flag,  the EU anthem and the EU motto.

by Anwen Baker and Oliver Muirhead

My Music Exam

On Monday 28th October I will have a music exam.  A music exam is to test our ability to play an instrument.  This is my first grade music exam. I play a French Horn. I am very scared about it.  You would play 3 songs and our scales then you have an oral test.

by Anwen Baker.