Dissecting A Chicken

On Thursday I felt so excited because p4/5 dissected a Chicken. Amazingly I felt so,so impressed with myself because Izzy,Ciara and I were the only three girls in the class that held all its Organs. We all were very impressed with Mrs Clark because it was only a Co-op Chicken she bought but there was still liver in it.

At some points it was quite gross but at all time awfully COOL! Here are some of the things we saw
. The Liver
. The kidneys
. The Blood Vessels
. The Lungs (Well we thought it was the Lungs)

Also so much more 😀

The Selfish Giant Skills

We are doing play called the Selfish Giant we had to learn some skills and this involves,

. learning your words of by heart/songs
.Use movement to tell the story
.acttions for your lines so its more real

By Abbie

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day this maens that at school you get to dress up as your
favirate book character. I dressed up as Rebecca the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fairy I am wairing a rock ‘n’ roll skirt a pink top a black belt pair of black shoes with white ankle socks, and my friend Jodie has dressed up as Minie Mouse. Then all the Teachers areaking up some fun activites.

Our Super Hero Poster

We had to do a super hero poster in our group our super hero was called The Ferocious Frog and its logo is the FF.Its weakness is a fly he has lazier eyes and stretchy legs.

Highland Dancing

Yesterday it was the Burns ceilidh. I was one of the Highland Dancers. Mrs MacDonald ask me, Danni and Emily to dance the Highland fling and the Sharan troos, it was funny because my pump kept on falling off. It was a amazing day and everyone had a great time and oh I almost forgot I came first in the poem competition.

By Abbie

The Stormy Day

In Port Ellen there was a stormy day.It was so windy that all the schools were closed down. At lunch time we had to have our lunch on a paper pleat because the staff have to go home too and the kitchen staff did not want to stay behind and clean the proper pleats.

Children In Need

Today is Children In Need day!and Port Ellen school are resing money by playing a Wii game called zumba. We did really well at it the whole school did it even the staff.

By Abbie

Bonfire Night

On the 5th of November it was bonfire night and I really enjoyed it and the fire works were great but my dog was scared,so we took her for a walk. Meanwhile me my sisters and my Mum and Dad went to look at the two bonfire then it was time to go home.

by Abbie