P1/2 Bird Feeders

Primary 1/2 from Port Ellen Primary school made bird food and feeders for the birds as a Christmas present. To make the bird food that they used Lard, seeds, dried pineapple, raisins, mix, the then used pine cone hanging with string to put the bird food mix on it. They then made bird feeders for their food using bottles that were found on their litter pick one day. They made them by putting a hole in the top where they threaded through some string to hang it up. They then decorated it by wrapping a piece of paper around the bottle which let them draw christmas picture using felt tip.  It was GREAT FUN! 🙂

Book Festival

On the 3rd and the 4th of October it was the Islay Book Festival. WE got the chance to meet different authors such as Janis McKay, Barry Huchison, Mavis Gulliver, Dannielle Sacrodotti and Badger the Mystical Mutt. It was really good and we learned top tips on how to start your own novel. We then had a chance to buy these authors books so we could read them.(we also learned that a set of three book is called a trilogy!!!) 🙂                                   

Mrs Regli

A teacher from Switzerland came to Port Ellen Primary School. She has been here for 3 weeks, but sadly she is leaving on Sunday :(

Mrs Regli has been so much fun and she is great when it comes to music. She helps us with  everything.  She came with us to the Islay Life Museum and to Port Charlotte.  Mrs Regli makes sure that everyone is working hard and not chatting.  For her leaving, the class has given her presents and cards made by us. When she is teaching us music, she teaches us Swiss-German songs, a french song and an English song and we play a game called Peter called Paul and an animal version of it.

The whole class is sad that she is leaving but are very happy and grateful that she came and will hopefully come back.

Bye-Bye Mrs Regli  :’(

By Abbie and Izzy                         

Money Maths

In class we are learning about money in maths. We have been learning the different types of money. We have also been learning about money from different countries and what they are called. Here are some examples.

Money in America is called Dollars. Lots of European countries use Euros.

You can pay for lots of different things with money. Money makes The world go round.

by Mara and Charlie.

How A Battery Works

In class we have been learning how batteries work. Here is a description of how a battery works.

Electrons have a negative charge so they are attracted to the positive end of the battery but there is a electrolyte in their way. The electrons want to go to the Cathode because they are attracted to the positive charge. The only way to get the electrons to the Cathode is when you connect the circuit with a wire and when the electrons pass through the wire they light up the lamp. When the battery runs out of chemicals that create a difference in the electrical charge that means the battery is dead and cannot be used.

by Abbie

Ae Fond Kiss

On 24th of January we had our annual Robert Burns ceilidh and poem competition.  Abbie Morris in p6, won her poem competition.  Here she is saying her poem, ‘Ae Fond Kiss’.

abbie poem

By Maisie and Abbie

Santa Comes To Bowmore!!!

On Saturday 14th Santa and his Reindeer came to Bowmore and there were 4 big Reindeer and 2 small Reindeer!  There was a big parade where the Band played and Santa and the Reindeer followed behind. Everyone enjoyed seeing it and afterwards they went to Islay High School where there was their Christmas Fair which also had a mini Ice rink. IT WAS GREAT FUN!!! (but it was VERY cold!)

Fiddle Music Exam

On Friday 15th November I set my grade 2 Fiddle exam. When I entered the Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland, which was where I would be sitting my exam, my heart began to race and I became very nervous. When it was my turn for the exam I felt more confident because of the practice I had beforehand. I was asked to play my tunes and then my scales and arpeggios which I thought went very well. Then I was asked to do my ear test which was nerve racking however I was not able to sing back the tune but I knew I still did very well.

By Abbie

Our Mesolithic Trip To The Woods

On Thursday 24th October p6/7 from Port Ellen Primary School went on a trip to the woods as their topic was Mesolithic Life. They thought this was a good idea and  relevant to their topic and would teach them more about how Mesolithic man would have to live.  Part of this trip was doing challenges, one of these challenges was creating a life size shelter and also creating a mini camp. (This took effort and time!) Unfortunately our shelter didn’t win but surprisingly our mini camp won! It was a great day!   Everyone enjoyed it but were very tired by the end of the day.

By Abbie