Learning About Rivers

P1000808At school we learned about rivers for our water topic and near the end we decided to work in our groups to make something to show our learning so we went into our groups and made things to show our learning.

One group made an animation and a small poster while another made a dance to show stages of the river and the the third did experiments to see if water can clear away sand, soil and gravel and the last made a clay mountain model to show how a river would flood and knock over small houses.

By Torin

Beach Rugby

On Saturday 14th Beach Rugby took place in Port Ellen.  There were lots of stalls, walls, bins and posters. There were female teams and male teams. Lots of interesting stuff happened at the beach and the playing fields both of them had fun things going on. Up at the fields there was a Beach Rugby dance.  There were 32 teams altogether 22 male teams and 10 female teams.

By Nicholas

Saltire Awards

This year at Port Ellen Primary we have entered the Saltire award again.   We have two full groups of boys and girls. This years competition is to try and light a bulb under the water using a water turbine. The turbine is supposed to spin around really fast and that cause the light bulb to light.  The teams are working very hard to get everything done.

By Annie and Nick and Torin

Junior Saltire Awards

The Junior Saltire award is a competition for schools around Scotland to come up with the best idea for a hydro kinetic generator (water power device). This year Port Ellen is entering the competition, if  they get through to the final they get to go to Edinburough University to test it.  Last year Port Ellen made it the finals. This year the power has to be gathered from the strength of the tide, P6/7 have decided to design their devices on tidal  turbines. They have made KNEX models  and power point about their design in our groups and hope to get in this year. A quote from Torin “I think it is really fun and hope to get to the final!” Hopefully at least one design will get through to the finals!

P2/3’s Trip To The Dump!

On Wednesday 20th of November p2/3 went on a trip to the dump.  I have interviewed p2/3 on what they were doing at the dump and why. They had been looking for rubbish to build their iron man made out of all kinds of stuff. They had told me there was a red machine which gathers junk and a grey machine that squashes junk. And then the junk was turned into boxes. They had also said that their was a Telly Tubbie hill at the dump. They also went in a huge big shed where they keep lots of stuff and they also saw the dump truck. They also told me that the was a big landfill where all the junk goes. And P2/3 said it was really fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Nicholas and Torin


At school we are learning about tessellation. tessellation is when you use a shape and put it next to it, (or on top of it and under it). You can tell if the shape you are using tessellates if there are no gaps.

My Visit To Saltcoats.

When I was visiting Saltcoats I went to the swimming pool twice. The first time was a fun pool with shutes and a river with currents and stuff. The second time I went in a proper adult pool and swam eight lengths. My daddy was very proud of me.I am staying at my uncle williams flat.It has a lovely and is quite high up. I am missing Port Ellen and all my friends but will be home soon so until then slainte.