P7 Leavers Assembly

For the past few weeks we have been practicing for our leavers assembly and making progress everyday. But this year we have made theme is Harry Potter; everyone has a main part and everyone is in a scene or two but some of the characters have different names and they intemperate things and people in the our school.  We wrote the script ourselves and there are lots of jokes.

We are also doing a few songs; which are Dark Lord Funk you up, You’ve Got a Friend in me and a lip dub for-When I’m 64.

all the characters are;

Harry: Torin

Ron: Logan

Harmione: Abbie

Anwen is herself

Nicholas is himself

Prof Sprout, Ginny, Cheerleader: Jodie

Dobby: Eleanor

Cheerleader, Emily, Wolf: Emily

Crabbe: William

Prof Umbridg, a dementor: Beth

Draco, Prof Trelawney: David

Dumbledore: Ciara

Snape, Goyle: Oliver

Vodemort: Elizabeth

Bellatrix: Emma

It is really good and we have included information on our time at Port Ellen.  We hope everyone enjoys it!


Gardening and making soup

On Wednesday 19th November our class, (p7) went down to the front of the school where they cleared and tidied the raised beds ready for Winter. During the digging we pulled up lots of lovely parsnips which Emma will make into soup.  Yum Yum!

Port Ellen Pre Mod Concert

On Wednesday 8th October Port Ellen Primary Gaelic Choir, had a Pre Mod Concert with lots of sing and poetry recitals plus lots of Gaelic and music. That evening we had fiddlers whistlers and  accordionists, and best of all lovely home baking and tea, along side a big raffle with lots of Islay whiskey and prizes.

At the end we sang Fama Clamosa with a big last song sorry life, and that night =The Best Concert Ever!!!!!    🙂

My great great grandpa’s war memories.

I have been researching on my great grate grandpa because he was involed in world war one. In world war one he had sent post cards talking about how life in the trench was and what it was like training. All the post cards were sent to his wife Jenny and her children. The day that he comes home his wife and family are waiting at the door for him to come in. when he does come in hes boucing around happy that he is not dead at least that what my granny said. A few years later whilst playing golf he contracted phmonia and died. he was born in 1893 and died 1930.  

By Emma and Nicholas

Beetle drive

On Friday 2nd May p2/3 made a Beetle Drive with a raffle. In the game we had to make small sheets to draw the beetles on. Number 1 was the body, and number  2 was the head, number 3 was the antennae, number 4 was the eyes  number 5 was the mouth and number 6 was the legs. To get the numbers you had to roll a dice and who ever won got a prize. We played three games. It was so much fun. We won one raffle prize it was a fantastic raffle.

By Rebecca,Rowan and Eleanor 🙂

Generation Science

Today at the school P6/7 and P4/5 were visited by two Ladies who were from Edinburgh International Science Festival.  The two ladies called Amanda and Charlene came to talk to us about electricity and how it flows. We did many exciting activities, one of the experiments was we had to generate electricity, measured by an ammeter, though our own body energy. Then we charged Hex-bugs by using the energy from our arms and body, we had a race with the charged Hex-bugs. My Hex-bug came second and  his name was Steve the turquoise Hex-bug.

By Eleanor and Beth 😉

Our Sustainability Essay

We did an Essay on what sustainability living mean’s to us.   Sustainable living is using resources properly and only use them if you need them.  Everyone had to write about what it meant to them. Other people had different feelings about what sustainability means to them, some people went against the fact of being sustainable and some people agreed. Now they are going to get it entered in the international competition and they have over 900 entries. When we did our Essay we about walking to places instead of taking the car.We also included how we grown fresh vegetables and crops on crofts instead of buying them at the shops.

By Eleanor and Jodie

Post Cards From Doctor Knowles

On Tuesday 19th November Port Ellen Primary received a post card from  Doctor Knowles. She said that she liked going travelling so every time she goes away she will sent a post card.  The first time she gave us a post card, she was in Grenaa and she asked us if we could find out where it was the map.  Asher found it was in Denmark.  She is being very kind and buying a big world map for the school so we can see where she goes.

By Jodie and Eleanor

PE With Mrs Young

On Wednesday 23rd October we did PE with Mrs Young who was teaching Gymnastics. We concentrated on rotation, balance, inversion and flight. We had to think of a active moves to do with all of them and we did cartwheels and hand stand stands.  We had to go over and under our partners.

By Eleanor and Alicia


On the 24th of September 2013, P6/7 from port Ellen primary went to Oban for the Stramash trip. When they arrived they were split into to groups for their rooms and activities.They did many activities, but two of them were canoeing and bush craft. To start with they paddled around Loch Nell with all the supplies they needed to make a shelter and a fire for the night.

When they arrived at the place they were going to do bush craft, they began going through a check list for surviving in the wild. The first step was to make sure that they all had oxygen, which they did! Next was to make sure that we had sufficiant body warmth, they all had that too but their temperature would drop with the surrounding temperature. So they needed a shelter to help conserve their body heat and to build a fire. They made shelters in groups and learned how to light a fire with firesticks and roasted marshmallows.  It was great fun!