Science and Engineering Week

On the 12th of March we started to do some science for the whole week and today we are making a car and it is really, really tricky. But we manged and it is really fun. Angus was at the dentist so he didn’t really get to do much but he did the wheels and they fitted perfectly. After lunch Abbie and I are going to decorate the whole car.
By Annie p4

My Tables video

On my table we are going to do a video about how to stay safe on the internet. My name is Alace popson, Ello is Jane, Robbie is Jack and Harry is Profesor Dally Dubby.

By Annie

Gay Gordans

This is how you do the Gay Gordans. Forward two three turn back two three forward two three turn back two three twist your partner and hold your partners hands and go round and keep doing the same thing over and over . You need to have two people together. You need to be in a circle to do the Gay Gordans.
By Annie

Spotty Day

Today is spotty day and we are raising money for poor people. The hole school was doing Zomba. Eva has brought some cakes in to raise money.

By Annie Farrell P4


It was Halloween on October 31st
At Halloween I was a viking and I had some blood on my face.

Halloween is a special day. It was at night when it was dark. My cousin Bronagh came with me to all the houses. Everyone was scary.

By Annie Farrell


Yesterday we where learning about science.  One of the things we learned was if you put your ear to something metal and get your friend to hit something hard on it you will hear it faster than through the air.  If you put your ear to the wall and get a friend to hit it round the corner you can hear.


Viking Feast

Hello my name is Annie.

On Thursday we had a Viking feast and we made stew, fruit salad and bread. Then we did some weaving and we got to see what our Viking name was in runes.  Our mum’s and dad’s got to try the food and they did some weaving and got there names in runes.  They watched our power point and our animation we made.