Average On Averages

P6/7 are learning about averages.   An Average is when you find the middle amount of something.

Mean is a type of Average; to do a mean average, you need to add all the numbers together and divide it by how many numbers you have. For example, 4,3,9,2,13,3,3,3,3,4=44 devided by 10 =4.4

Mode is a type of average, to do mode, you need to find the number that there is the most of.  For example, 4,4,9,13,3,3,3,3,3,2=3

Median is the number in the middle. For example, 2,3,3,3,3,3,4,4,9,13=3

By Elizabeth and Annie

Commonwealth Piggy Banks

How to make a Commonwealth piggy bank.

What you will need:




egg box

coloured   tissue  paper


googly eyes


First get a  balloon  and  blow it up.

Next dip newspaper in to paste.

Then stick the newspaper onto the balloons.

After that put coloured paper on it.

Finally  wait for it to dry.

By Freya and Rhys

Fair Trade Tuck

P6/7 were doing Fair Trade tuck because this week is finance week, and we were learning about Fair Trade and how it is better.  Fair trade is good because more of the money goes to the person that produced it. We also did some money for finance week.   On Monday we had hot chocolate, and it was yummy.  On Tuesday we had hot chocolate and coconut crunch.  It was the best coconut crunch I have ever had.  On Thursday we made chocolate crispy cakes.  Today we sold some fair trade foods at the Gaelic cafe. Everyone enjoyed it and we had great fun.  So buy Fair Trade!

By Ciara and Annie. 🙂

Euro quiz

Annie, Anwen, David, Torin and Oliver took part in the euro quiz.  The euro quiz is all about Europe and people from all of argyll entered it.  They spent all morning doing the quiz.  They had been practicing all month and had found a lot of facts.  A week later they found out there results.  Port Ellen had came second in all the schools that had entered.  They were very happy when they found out.

By Annie Farrell

P6/7’s new topic

P 6/7 are doing a new topic on crofting.  They are going to be taking over the croft and planting new things.   They haven’t started yet but they will be starting soon.  They are doing crofting because the crofting needs done and that is what the teacher chose.

By Annie farrell

Children in Need

On Friday it was Children in Need and the school raised £263.46. The whole school was wearing their onesies or pyjamas.  Even the teachers.

Annie, Anwen,Abbie, Izzy, Emily and Jodie did a lucky dip and we raised £28.64.

At the end of the day we had a talent show and a lot of people entered and we ran out of time so some people could not do there act, tell a joke, play an instrument or do a song or dance.

By Annie Farrell


In class today we were learning about partitioning and how it can make sums easier. For example 56 + 64 becomes 50 + 60 = 110 then do 6 + 4 = 10 All together that would be 120.


On Tuesday 24th September Port Ellen primary school and other schools met at Port Ellen pier to go on the ferry. When we got off the ferry we went on the bus and went to Oban for Stramash. When we got there we did some archery. It was funny when Elizabeth pointed the arrow to the teacher and the teacher thought she was going to shoot it at her! After that we played a game and we had to split the group in half. We had a challenge and the other team won and the next time we did it my team won. We all had a great time and we didn’t want to go.

By Annie Farrell

our river topic

P5 are learning a new topic about rivers. We are going to be getting salmon eggs to hatch in our class. We are all excited about it. Last week Mr.Brazier came and put our tank in for us and next week he is coming to put the salmon eggs in the tank. Everyone in the class is looking forward to having the salmon eggs in the class.

By Annie