Child Line

logo-ChildLineYesterday afternoon Keills P67 came to our school. They came because we were getting a visit from Child Line. Child Line is for children to support you if you are worried, sad or anxious about anything. They are open 24-7 and are confidential. They won’t tell anyone about the conversation You don’t need to tell your name and you can tell them a fake name. We got put in to groups to talk about pictures and vote what we thought of the pictures.  The child line mascot is a speech mark called Buddy. We all enjoyed it and listened well.

Child line number: 0800 1111

By Annie Farrell

P7 Science

P1000587P7 have been doing a lot of science lately for there topic about water.  They have been learning some very good scientific words.  They have been doing experiments using evaporation. Evaporation means a change from liquid to steam or vapour.  They recently did an experiment to make clean water when they put vinegar, flour, sugar, baking soda and water in a cup and mixed it. Then we cut a big bottle in half and placing the cup in the bottom half and placed the top half on and the water in it would turn to steam and go to the side of the bottle and run down to the bottle and sit at the bottom as pure water. They also did another experiment when you put sand, water, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in a tub and put a cup that is lower than the rim.  Then you cover it in cling film tightly and tape it, then put a small rock above the cup and it will evaporate.  They are all enjoying this topic so far and love the experiments they did.

By Annie & Beth

Eco Update

Wednesday 21st January

  1. Welcomed by Oliver
  2. Not Present-Jasmine, Ciara and Anwen weren’t there.
  3. Discussed Paula’s visit. We read her assessment form and put it in the notice board.
  4. Progress on action points.   Litter police needs to get started back up again.  Fairtrade tuck is getting started up soon. Water wasting is going to be getting measured and recorded.
  5.  Fundraiser at Christmas- Sold some bags.
  6. Action Points- Eva- Litter sign for the pitch. Mirren- Suggestion box. Annie & Rebecca- Water fountain poster. Torin & Eva- Pen mark on water bottles.  Anwen & Eva- Fairtrade tuck.
  7. Date of next meeting- next term with new eco moniters.

We are going to be getting all of our action points done and start them up.

By Annie Farrell

P7’s Rock Topic

P7 have recently done a rock topic. They have made there own rocks and experimented with them. The types of rock you can get are igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. To make our candy rocks we got 4 Starburst and cut then in to quarters to show erosion and weathering.  Then we kept cutting them until they were quite small and then put them in your hand and squeeze them together just so they stick which is sediment being compressed into sedimentary rock.  Then we got a square of grease proof paper and squished it all together really hard so it looks smooth like a metamorphic rock. Then we put it in a cupcake case and then put it in the oven, when it comes out it is liquid like lava and then hardens to make igneous rock which you can eat!  That is how you make a rock made of Starbursts.

By Beth and Annie:)

Eco Update

1. Oliver welcomed us all.

2. Mirren was off.

3. our progress- w have made our signs. We have done our spot checks in the classes. We have got our litter police set up an will be changing them every week. we thought about fair trade and we might set up a sample week to see who like what the best.

4. Action plan- litter police problem- sign on the pitch almost one- Start a new action point which is reduce the amount of water waste in water bottles.

5. Go out side and plan what we are going to say.

6. next meeting to be discussed.

7. itinerary for lady coming on monday

meet her

action plan

tour round school

go in to classes


book swap



By Annie May Farrell- Secretary

P1/2 Litter Survey

P1/2 went round and picked up all the litter from the playground and they made a survey about what they found.

  • 2 Cans
  • 1 Cole Bag
  • 2 Co-op Bags
  • 31 sweets and crisp packets
  • 15 Bottles
  • 1 Lighter

Now the playground is nice and clean.  We should all start picking up litter like P1/2.  They used some of the litter to make bird feeders

By Elizabeth Macmillan

ECO Update

1. Oliver welcomed us all.

2. Scott and jasmine were off

3. Our progress- We have done our pitch posters, chosen our litter police for the week then we will change it every week and we have also started doing spot checks in the class to see if the classes are putting their rubbish in the right bins.

4. At our next meeting we will discuss what we have done and say what we did.

5. We have written our ideas down for the green flag assessment and all the classes have a job to do.

6.We are thinking of doing some fund raising to make money.  We are thinking of buying bags to sell and do some fair trade tuck.

7. All of the classes are taking part in getting the school ready for the assessment.

8. The date of our next meeting is Thursday 20th November.

9. At our next meeting we are going to get ready for the assessment.

By Annie- secretary

Eco update

On the 5TH of November Mrs Harrison received a big box. When she opened it, it turned out to be the grabbers and gloves that we ordered.
That afternoon when we were having a meeting, the new paper bins arrived!
We are all very happy with the things that we got.

Eco minutes 23.10.14

1. Oliver opened the meeting.

2.All there except Jasmine.

3. Progress –  Mirren  is making posters for the class with the ECO code on it, we got reports from the classes

4. Action Plan –

Litter – We will be getting new litter police from each class and they will only be it for the week then it will change.

We will be getting a new sign at the pitch about eco matters- Rebecca and Ciara

We might be starting a fair trade tuck – Anwen and Eva will look at it.

5. we made a list of Jobs for assessment.

Pond plan for future



6. Who needs to do things

Mrs Harrison – order recycling bins

Organise litter police

Anwen – prices

Prepare for eco assembly

7. Next Meeting – 6.11.14

By Annie

The New Eco Committee

Last week we had some interviews to see who would be our new committee.  If we wanted to become part of the committee we had to fill in an application and say what we wanted to be and why we wanted to be part of the eco committee.  So now we have chosen our committee we can tell you.

Chairperson- Oliver

secretary- Annie

Media managers- Ciara and Mirren

Treasurer- Torin

Fundraiser- Anwen

P1/2 eco monitors- Katherine and Scott

P3/4 eco minitors- Rebecca and Mathew

P5/6 eco minitors- Jasmine and Eva

On the 24th of november we will be getting assessed by the green flag committee.

By Annie Farrell