The Selfish Giant

P4/5 are doing the Easter play. The play is called the Selfish Giant,I am called Bob in it. It is very hard to remember all my lines but I try my best. My favorite seen is scene one.

Number sequences

On Monday 26th Feb we did number sequences here is an example 1,5,9,…,17,…,25. If you work it out here is a harder one 0,…,18,27,36,… if you worked it out could you please write a comment saying the missing numbers.

By David


We have been doing number sequences we stated them on 26th of February. We have also been doing fractions. And we have hard maths up to 1000. And we have been doing
lots of maths

By Nick

Super Heroes

On Wednesday all the tables made a super heroes. My table super hero was called Killer, Harry’s table super hero is called Ferocious Frog, Robbie’s table super hero is called Toxy, and Maisie’s table super hero Precious Poppy.


we have learned lots of equivalent fractions and how to tell the time we have been doing lots of work we have been doing checups and maths.

By nick

Mrs Onions

On Monday Mrs Onions came to teach P4/5. We were learning about Colors, a tint is when you mix white with a primary colours,a shade is when you mix black with a primary colour.

By David


On Monday P4/5 learned that if you times a number by 10 each number jumps to the left. The same with 100 except it jumps two spaces to the left. There is a trick for multiplying and dividing for the 10 times table you add a 0 and for dividing you take away a 0. We were watching a video about Kjartin Poskitt and his amazing maths.

By David

Bonfire Night

At bonfire night I went to my Uncle Haralds house I lit a mini bonfire also I cooked some sausages and marshmallows. Jason brought his Pyro pyrmid to light the bonfire. when I was going home I saw two police at an ambulance.

By David