Sports Day

IMG_1430On wednesday it was sports day. All of the P1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and the nursary had a whole afternoon of sports  and fun also the sports champion was to be revealed and there was the relay races. The sports champion was Ross Thompson and Jodie Jamieson and Texa won the relay and Texa won the shield for the most points.

The Examination Short Story Review.

In school p7 we have been reading and writing short stores.  A  short stories that we read called the Examination is a story about a young boy called Richard that lives in an oppressive state. In the oppressive state when you grow to the age of twelve you have to get an I.Q. test to see how intelligent you are.  When Richard takes the test he get killed because he exceeded the test.  After reading the short story,  p7 then wrote a book review on the Examination.  We sructured the book review by answering questions like ‘how was the story structured’ and ‘what do you  think about the opening’ also questions like  ‘what is the theme of the book’ and ‘can you describe the setting of the story’ also ‘what do you think about the ending’.  I found the actual story was great but I most enjoyed  how the story is so unpredictable and twisted at the end.  Writing the book review, I found it most interesting because it makes you read in between the line to find out more about the story.

WOF World of Fitness

We are the WOF party which stands for World of Fitness and we want everyone to do more exercise and get fit.  We are a party standing in the Port Ellen mock elections.  We want to encourage not just Port Ellen and Islay but Scotland and the whole of the UK to get fit.  Here is our logo. Vote for us!

Facts of Scotland

Robbert Burns is famous  for his poems.  Ally Mccoist  is famous for being a manager of Rangers. Andy Murray is famous for tennis. GreyFriar Bobby is a dog that was thoughtful and lived in the country. He lived with jock a shepherd of nearly a hundred years ago. Foods that Scotland are famous for are Haggis neeps and tatties. Animals you find when you are in scotland are : highland cows ,birds of prey ,puff adders ,sheep and of course wild haggis. by jack and Aaron.

Traveling Art Gallary

On Monday 19th of April Port Ellen Primary p4/5 and p6/7 went to see the traveling art gallery bus in Bowmore. The art exhibition inside was made by Rachel McClean, all of the paintings were made by her and even the paint design was made by her on the inside of the bus’ wall. We watched  one of her movies The Lion and the Unicorn, it was based on Scottish Independence.  She used a green screen to take her pictures, all of the people in the  paintings were her.   The paintings were very strange but did show us what the artists views were and were very clever.

By Nicholas and David

Photography Competion

P6/7 entered a photography competition called Scottish Civic Trust My Place Photo Competition. They had to take a photo of architecture. P6/7 walked down the streets of Port Ellen trying to find architecture to photograph. Reflections of puddles and just taking photos normal, old buildings to the modern builds, p6/7 took hundreds of photos of architecture. When P6/7 got back to the school they looked at all the photos and decided which ones to enter in the competition. My favourite  photo was one of the old police station.

Incredible Ileachs Win Science Award

Ileachs Jason, Ewan, Dan, Eleanor and Aileas went to the Glasgow Science Centre, Wednesday 30th May 2012.   Glory fell on them by winning BT Scotland Award for Best Club Presentation and also 250 pounds.  Jason said  “My Pyro Pyrimid was great.”

My Personal Topic

My topic is the lungs, I have made a 3D modal of the lung that shows how your diaphragm works also I’m making a power point about asthma. How the lungs work, when you breath in your diaphragm pulls down, it lets air in to your lungs and grow out when you breath out your diaphragm pulls in and your lungs goes in.