It’s showtime!

Through the Decades

Cardross primary 60th Anniversary Show

How time flies! It only feels like a few days since we started working and rehearsing this year's school show... But no, it has been a whole term.

The staff and pupils have worked extremely hard rehearsing their routines, lines and actions over and over again. A special thank you to Claire for all her work and expertise pulling together many of the dance routines, and to Mrs O'Donnell (and the P6s and staff who helped her) for what is a fantastic stage frontispiece.

From this:

To this!:

(Mr Henry with some P6 doing last minute tech check!)

First full run of the show!

We are all excited (and shattered) after doing our first full run of the show. It’s looking good. Everyone has been working extremely hard, so it’s into the final week where we’ll iron out snags, re-rehearse scenes, polish our dance routines and fine-tune our singing. Show business is tiring work!

Here’s some pictures of the whole school rehearsing the finale 🙂

Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th evening performances have SOLD OUT.
There are a few tickets left for the Tuesday 26th afternoon performance. Please do grab them ASAP – they’re going like gold dust!

Rehearsals in full swing

Rehearsals are truly in full swing, with all pupils working extremely hard on their scenes and choreographies. Back stage, parts of the set are being put together, props sought and made, music and images gathered. It’s all getting pretty exciting!

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the classes rehearsing: