Stronord P5 Over Night Trip

When the primary 5s went to Stronord they went hiking and played in the graden there was a guy called alex that told us what to do the next day they went orintering. Some people didn’t like it and some people really enjoyed it. Some people had Pizza and chips and others had Macoroni and chips and for pudding we had chocolate cake and ice cream for someones birthday.We played a couple of games and went to bed.

By Ellie & Scott

Sports releif 2014

 Sheuchan primary school enjoyed a quick work out to help raise money for sports relife.

p2/3 windows Assembly

The p2/3 did a class assembly it was about electricity they all had a part to talk in everyone liked it.

by harry p3

Easter Egg Hunt

The children had to find numbers to get easter eggs. It was fun!

Shakespeare Rocks

The  p4/5  and  p5/6 performed a play called shakespeare rocks

P7 concert

P7 and p6 had their wonderful concerts just before the holidays. P7 was performing snow white and the seven dwarfs P6 were performing shakespeare rocks it was brilliant.

P1 Activity’s !!

The Primary 1 have been learning about memory boxes. They have made there own box and they are drawing picture’s of electricity for it. When they are in P7 they’re going to open them.

Speed Mark

 The children enjoyed it when they took penalties for speedmark . They had to kick the ball as hard as they could . Everyone had a good time .

Our Easter Concert

The children sang a song to celebrate Easter. by Tee-jay p2/3

Cross Country

On the last day of March all the primary 5 students went to Castle Kenndy to run they Giants Grave. Some people ran half a mile and others ran a full mile. Some people did the rylay for Sheauchan Primary School.